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Non-Profit Video Production & Storytelling

Your organization has a powerful mission, but how do you translate these values into awareness, support, and donations for your cause? The answer lies in video. 

With emotional storytelling and authentic campaigns, LAI Video has helped schools, non-profits, and organizations of all kinds engage supporters in a more meaningful way. We capture the spirit of your mission and reach audiences who align with your cause. Share your mission!

As a leading non-profit marketing agency in DC, we’ll help you fundraise for campaigns, drive attendance at events, and increase donations from stakeholders. See the many ways we can support your mission below. 

Show Your Mission in Action

Introducing your mission is an extremely important aspect of establishing your organization. This communication invites audiences to participate in the change your organization is causing. 

LAI Video’s non-profit video storytelling recruits volunteers, connects with audiences, and supports members of your community.

We helped Partnership for Healthier America share its mission by creating a mission campaign, including a short documentary video and social media assets, to help their message hit home. We interviewed leaders, beneficiaries, and donors to illustrate authentic impact.

Make Your Message Stick

Setting yourself apart from other organizations creates a strong donor base but requires a clear vision and achievable goals. Video helps your message stand out and stick with audiences. 

By blending storytelling, interviews, and audiovisual assets, our non-profit video experts will find the perfect words and perfect voices for your mission.

We helped National Industries for the Blind create “Hire Me” and American Stroke Association create “Together to End Stroke.”



Communicate with Transparency

A successful non-profit requires transparency and trust. Donors and volunteers want to know how you are planning for the future and using current resources. 

With non-profit video production services, you can show how you support transparent initiatives, literally. Share your vision on camera to increase your engagement and retention rates.   

Invite your audience to your next initiative; welcome them to the table of impact. We created a roundtable identity video for So Others Might Eat

Award the Extraordinary

Recognizing a person's contribution keeps them involved and committed to your cause. Use video to spotlight incredible people and motivate your base to continue their dedication. 

Whether they play at galas, fundraisers, or simply online, LAI Video creates unique and meaningful award videos. We’ll spotlight the awardees, showcase their contributions, and invite everyone into the celebration.  

Every year, we extend our long-standing partnership with DC Education Fund by creating their “Standing Ovation” Awards program.

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Why Effective Non-Profit and Charity Communications Are Important

You play an essential role in your community. Creating awareness and getting public support is vital to your organization's success. Your resources may be limited, so you must be smart about using what you have to maximize the impact of your campaigns and fundraising efforts. Including video in your non-profit and charity communication strategy is essential to:

  1. Share complex stories more impactfully — beyond what text and images alone can communicate.
  2. Tell memorable stories and leave a lasting impression on the community.
  3. Enable constituents to share the mission, impact, and difference your projects make in their own words. 

About LAI Video Services

LAI Video is an award-winning agency based in Washington, D.C., serving non-profit organizations nationwide. We have 20-plus years of experience helping organizations create and share meaningful stories. We have the skills to spotlight your mission, charity, and project, driving results and resources to impact your bottom line. 

Our creative team does more than shoot videos. They meet with you, understand your mission and what you want to achieve, and translate this into memorable communications that make a difference. 

We summarize our video services in three straightforward phases:

  1. Challenge: We consult with you to understand your organization, initiatives, and untold stories.
  2. Solution: Our strategic team looks into the best solution to communicate what you want and need to tell to attain what you define as success for your charity organization.
  3. Success: Once you are satisfied with the deliverables, we help distribute your message to get the maximum exposure and return on your investment.

Benefits of Partnering With LAI Video

You want a campaign that effectively communicates what your charity is achieving to help you increase awareness and maximize funds and resources to further your cause. LAI Videos is a reputable creative partner with non-profit and charity experience. We provide:

  1. Powerful and memorable stories: You need to communicate your mission meaningfully. Our creatives are master storytellers and expertly craft impactful and unique stories to support your cause.
  2. Collaboration and support: We aren't passive participants when we partner with you. We are as invested in your projects and community as you are and work with you to create successful campaigns — no matter the scope.
  3. Long-term partnerships: Our team is friendly, passionate, and professional. We use meaningful interactions to cultivate lasting working relationships with charities and identify future campaigns to help you stretch your available resources.