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Recruiter & HR Communications

Let us help you attract top talent with powerful recruitment and hiring campaigns.

From powerful identity videos and intimate short documentaries, we can highlight the things that make your company unique and a great place to work. Bolster your human resources communication strategies.

Effective HR communication skills differentiate you from competitors. Here's a few recruitment marketing and HR communication campaign examples:

Amazon's Best Fitch Job Match

With Amazon, we launched the ongoing videos series that promotes the tech company’s Best Fit Job Match campaign, a sweeping effort to attract top software development II engineering talent. 

To capture the most useful footage we scheduled as many interviews as possible for our limited filming window. The result was a recruitment marketing campaign featuring a series of videos highlighting the key benefits and features of working at Amazon. Showing off its company culture, growth opportunities, and cutting-edge technology.

Our team used a range of techniques and styles to create engaging and informative videos, including motion graphics, live-action footage, interviews with current Amazon employees, and vertical content for social media advertising.

Women in Government Relations "We Are WGR Spotlight"

Embodying an organization or an industry with a single story can be difficult. Through employee interviews, we help you find the perfect voice and narration for your campaign.

The candid remarks from your employee serve as narration, gracefully guiding the viewer through a montage of memorable visuals.

Check out the first installment of “day in the life”-style spotlight, positioning Suzanne Swink’s moving story to rally prospective members to join Women in Government Relations (WGR). 

HITT Contracting "You Belong Here"

We teamed up with the HR department to craft a message that's not only heartwarming but also gives you serious FOMO about not working for them.

With breathtaking construction sunsets, friendly office camaraderie, and meaningful volunteer events, we offer a slice of work life at HITT in this online ad. 

By highlighting HITT's commitment to its employees and dedication to creating a positive and inclusive work culture we were able to create a powerful message reflecting the company's values.


Crowell & Morning "Better Together"

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives are essential tools for internal growth at companies. Utilizing video to illustrate progress shows your key stakeholders your commitment to the people and more than just promises on a webpage.

Bring together the main players in your initiatives, stray away from a robust script and let their authenticity shine through. You'll be amazed how it will build trust and foster a sense of belonging among your employees.

Watch how we brought Crowell & Mornings DEI initiatives to life with videos that inspire, educate, and engage its stakeholders.


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