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Successful recruiters know video works. 80% of recruiters say video has helped increase their applications, and 78% say video has increased the quality of their applicants. By focusing on your values and current employees, you can show what makes your workplace special. 

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As a video production agency, LAI Video has helped organizations of all sizes fill roles with experienced professionals. From software engineers to speech therapists, our videos target qualified candidates and appeal to top talent. No matter how niche or unique a position may be, we’ll help you find the perfect fit. Let's chat about your next recruitment campaign.

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Interested? Check out our corporate video production services below, and consider how your organization could benefit from leading talent in your industry. 


Corporate Recruitment with Amazon

LAI Video worked with Amazon to hire leading software development engineers (SDEs) and launch their Best Fit Job Match program.  

The complete recruitment marketing campaign contained animated explainers, live-action spotlights, and vertical social media ads to attract leading talent. We interviewed current employees, leaders, and corporate recruiters to spotlight Amazon’s incredible workplace culture, growth opportunities, and cutting-edge technology.

Our partnership with Amazon has extended into other fields as well, including our event work with AWS and Principal Engineers campaign.

Education Recruitment with International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate needed to attract qualified, passionate staff to support their schools around the globe. LAI Video produced IB Careers’ “Working for a Better World” to recruit a range of professionals using the organization’s powerful mission and impact. 

The two flagship videos perfectly captured IB’s unique identity from both an education perspective and support perspective. We filmed at local, Washington D.C. schools, talked with education recruiters, and captured IB’s office environment to connect with candidates. 

In education, we’ve also helped DCPS recruit occupational therapists and ACC recruit cardiology students.  

Industrial Recruitment with HITT Contracting

Manufacturing, construction, and other heavy industries require employees with specific skill sets and experience. LAI Video’s industrial recruitment videos show the value of your whole organization while also targeting candidates with the qualifications you need. 

HITT Contracting needed to recruit a range of personnel to work its major projects. “You Belong Here” speaks to everyone, from executive operations to on-the-ground surveyors, recruiting talent that will build success from the ground up. 

While HITT’s video was more general, we’ve helped industrial recruiters like Reliance Steel, AIHA, and WGR find more nuanced skill sets.


DEI Videos with Crowell & Moring

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion spotlights capture the ways you support employees and show job candidates that you’re committed to their success. 

With Crowell & Moring, LAI Video produced “Better Together,” a powerful video driven by real employees and real stories. Before they even apply, leading law students and paralegals know that Crowell & Moring invests heavily in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and that their perspective matters to the whole organization. 

Diversity and Inclusion videos can be individual projects, but they are often part of larger recruitment campaigns.

A Reputable and Innovative Partner

You want a campaign that engages your new and existing talent. Your campaign's success is the gateway to getting C-Suite backing for creating more valuable internal and recruitment comms, which helps you boost employee morale and impact your business's bottom line. LAI Video is your trusted creative partner. We provide:

  1. Powerful stories: You want to communicate something specific in a meaningful way. Our creatives are masters in storytelling and conceptualizing thought-provoking and memorable content. 
  2. Collaboration: We aren't passive participants in the campaign journey. We are as invested as you are in successful campaigns — no matter the scope or budget.
  3. Long-term partnerships: Our team is friendly and professional. Through our meaningful interactions, we've cultivated lasting relationships with industry-leading brands.


Brands That Trust Us

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Join Amazon, IB, DCPS, HITT, Reliance Steel, AIHA, Crowell & Moring, and others by partnering with LAI Video. We'll help you reach more qualified candidates, hire top talent, and build your future.

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Why Create Recruiter and HR Communication for Your Organization?

Your organization must attract top talent to remain competitive, considering 77% of employers report difficulty filling roles. Communicating who and what you are as a business is crucial to finding the best recruits. Finding the right talent is especially relevant with an average of 30% of new hires leaving a company within 90 days and the average cost of onboarding a new employee being $1,400. 

Video is a vital component of the recruitment and internal comms process and remains one of the best ways to highlight your company values and culture. Videos enhance engagement, provide an emotional connection, and help you attract the best candidates. 

LAI Video Services for Your Company

LAI Video has some of the industry's most talented creatives, marketers, and specialists. We ruthlessly care about collaborating with clients and making the best possible content within budget. When we meet with you, we'll dig deep into the recruitment message you want to convey or the internal campaign you wish to bolster, creating fresh and meaningful content yielding maximum ROI.

If you are ready to maximize your recruiting efforts and boost your internal HR communications, we will gladly assist with crafting the solutions that best impact your bottom line. Contact us online to discuss your needs and project. We are responsive and friendly, and we care about you achieving your goals.

Our Collaborative Recruitment Campaigns

LAI Video is privileged to partner with various organizations to demonstrate their unique stories, helping them attract top talent and retain employees through meaningful connections. Explore some of our favorite collaborations.

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Whether you're promoting a new initiative or creating a marketing recruitment campaign, we provide the insight and process to leverage your values.