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Video Production Packages & Products

Powerful video is an effective tool for everyone, and LAI Video makes it easy to use. Whether time, cost, or project size has stopped you before, our video production packages are creatively efficient and economic on your behalf.

Importantly, however, our quality stays consistent. With production packages, your videos will look as crisp and eye-catching as ever. Our industry-leading equipment, production team, and studio build every deliverable to your standard, and you get high-quality video at an accessible cost. Let’s make something that works for you. 

Below, you’ll find a range of packages for recruitment, events, marketing, and more. If you have questions, specifications, or adjustments to our video production packages, reach out! We’re open to considering new solutions. 

Interview & Studio Packages

Sometimes you just need a camera, a studio, and the right people. LAI Video’s talking head and studio packages can provide up to five videos in a half-day shoot. We’ll spotlight your best employees, executives, awardees, experts, or whoever has something to say. 

With professional lighting equipment, cinematographers, and producers, you’re guaranteed stunning videos and efficient production. Talking-head videos are perfect for internal comms, award shows, executive addresses, testimonials, fly-ins and more, starting at $8,500. 

See how we captured a variety of interviews with honorees for DC Ed Fund!

Recruitment & Membership Series

With recruitment and membership campaigns, it's important to show a range of people and positions. LAI Video’s spotlight series make this possible without breaking your budget or schedule. 

Our spotlights shadow current employees, members, or customers to highlight your values and attract the people you need. Depending on video length and creative, we can film up to three spotlights in one day or capture three “day-in-the-life” videos in three subsequent shoot days. This structure also helps streamline post-production for cost and time efficiency, starting at $20,000. 

See one of our recruitment “day-in-the-life” projects with American College of Cardiology

Marketing Campaign Package

There’s a new trend in the marketing world: the need for powerful, defining video at an affordable price. In response, LAI Video put together our marketing campaign package, a cost-effective communications tool designed to refresh any organization's most essential video marketing.

In just one day of filming, we’ll provide three of our most sought-after video solutions to elevate your brand and boost outreach. This package includes an identity or commercial video, a social media cutdown, and a product or personnel spotlight, starting at $20,000. 

See our identity video for the Partnership for a Healthier America at left and the full package here

Branding Elements Package

Define your style and launch an attention-grabbing brand with our branding package. LAI Video’s team of graphic designers, animators, and creatives will create all the essentials you need to make your brand trustworthy and recognizable. 

Our branding package comes with an animated logo bumper, template for lower thirds, graphic transition, and title design. These elements provide a strong base for all your marketing and communications content, unifying your brand aesthetic across platforms. Branding packages start at $8,000. 

We’ve designed original branding for many of our clients, including Amazon, NRF, & Checkmarx

Advertising Packages

If you’re interested in digital advertising but aren’t sure of a full commitment, LAI has two short-run advertising packages for your consideration. These base campaigns will introduce you to the power of digital advertising for an accessible price. 

The display advertising package contains a three-month digital campaign with retargeting options, guaranteeing your organization 300,000 impressions for a starting $3,600 spend. 

The email marketing package provides you with 100,000 targeted emails using one email template. With one blast, you can expand your reach by the thousands, starting at $2,000. 

Event Video Packages

Want to launch an immersive, multimedia event while staying within your budget? LAI Video offers an 'event videos starter kit' that provides all you need to make your meeting memorable. This package comes with an animated event bumper, a stylized background loop, an engaging opener video, and three 'walk-up' or session transition graphics. We'll match these assets with your event's theme and branding, upgrading your event experience across the venue. This package starts at $10,000.

We also offer a 'promotional video package' designed to drive registration for your next event. Combining our video marketing and digital advertising services, we'll provide targeted messaging to your audience and set new attendance records. This package starts at $10,000.

See how we helped the Infectious Disease Society of America elevate their annual event.


Let's make something that works for you

If you're curious about one of our packages or want to design something that works better for you, reach out!

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