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Meet your consumers where they are

With stunning creative, your commercial will be one-of-a-kind. But how do you use it? Digital ad placement will target your audience, win customers, and improve brand awareness. Consider how your message would look on social media, web, and streaming, and we’ll help you get it there.   

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Keep your identity fresh

Video is just as critical to a brand identity as color and copy. From mission videos to logo animations, you can drive brand recognition, foster loyalty, and create engagement. We’ve helped clients of all kinds define their image and share their values, are you ready to build a great brand?

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Impress audiences & transform events

To go from ‘meeting’ to ‘memorable experience,’ your event needs video. You can use promotional video to attract record attendance, openers and bumpers to excite your crowd, or on-site recaps to build FOMO for next year. We’ve been partnering with event clients for 20+ years, and we’ll help you upgrade year after year. 

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Animate for reliable results

Is your audience understanding your message? Animation is proven to boost information retention, brand recognition, and overall engagement, making it perfect for your next video. From product explainers to promotional video, LAI Video creates visually stunning and effective animations that make your message hard to miss. 

Nothing drives engagement better than animation. See why.


Recruit with purpose

Reach more qualified applicants with video. Through our recruitment campaigns, you’ll attract top talent and build passionate teams in no time. Recruitment videos center your employee experience and workplace environment to identify applicants that align with your values. 

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Lead with confidence

Build a reputation of transparency and leadership with video communications. Whether you’re talking to members, stakeholders, or employees, video strengthens your message and drives engagement. We’ve helped clients communicate success in many ways, from quarterly investor reports to member spotlights. 

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Video Production Packages


If you need a video campaign or content prepared in bulk, LAI Video offers pre-structured packages for events, marketing, internal comms, and more. Streamlined production means on-time delivery, and you get high-quality video at an accessible cost.

Promotional Video Production


Are you looking to drive sales, brand awareness, or engagement with your latest initiatives? LAI Video’s promotional video services help you increase visibility on your products, services, campaigns and more.

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Ready to take your video production to the next level? Let us help you bring your ideas to the screen with our professional expertise.