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Manufacturing Video Production

How are you attracting people to your company’s products, workforce, and values? LAI Video’s manufacturing video services spotlight the key differences that set you apart in your industry, elevating your business from sale to delivery. Whether you’re looking to recruit new customers, employees, or investors, consider our manufacturing video services below: 

Commercial and Promotional Camapigns

If you’re searching for new customers or partners, our commercial campaigns help you reach new audiences and expand your client network. LAI Video specializes in creative messaging that resonates with your target audience and moves them to action. Consider commercial and promotional video production for:

  • Connecting with new customers
  • Building trust in your brand
  • Expanding your reach
  • Promoting new products or services

Watch our commercial for National Industries for the Blind, “Hire Me,” where we highlighted the skills and products that set their workforce apart. 

Recruitment Campaigns

Hire more top workers with LAI Video’s recruitment campaigns. Our videos target qualified candidates and appeal to experienced professionals that buy-into your organization’s ethic. By focusing on the values and employees that define who you are, our videos connect with:

  • Top performers
  • Logistical masters
  • Innovative leaders
  • Eager, experienced employees

Watch our recruitment campaign with HITT Contracting which led to a new generation of qualified and eager construction employees. 

Investor Updates

How are you communicating success, progress, and future goals? Keep your stakeholders in the know with video updates. Whether you’re filming yearly, quarterly, or monthly, LAI Video’s video production services provide opportunities for you to address key information in an engaging manner. Some proven communication strategies include:

  • Year-in-review videos
  • Quarterly Update videos
  • Executive Addresses
  • Investment Spotlights

Consider our investor update videos for Reliance Steel, which helped investors and stakeholders quickly rasp the major takeaways. 

Why LAI Video for Manufacturing Video production?

With considerable experience in the manufacturing industry, a powerful team of creatives, and a commitment to making campaigns that work, LAI Video is your next video partner. We’ll help you find new approaches to help your company stand out from competitors. In addition, our strategic location in Washington, D.C., helps you reach the nation’s regulators, manufacturing experts, and key stakeholders, building a brand that’s meant to last.


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