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Healthcare Video Services

How are you ensuring your communications are accurate, authentic, and accessible? LAI Video provides video services for healthcare clients nationwide, helping partners improve care and coverage through better communications. Whether you need to connect deeper with your patients, caregivers, or public community, we’ll help you craft the message that makes an impact. Explore our healthcare video services below:

Commercial and Promotional Campaigns

If you’re searching for new clients or patients, our commercial campaigns help you reach new audiences and expand your care network. Paired with our digital advertising services, LAI Video specializes in creative messaging that resonates with your target audience and moves them to action. Consider commercial and promotional video production for: 

  • Connecting with new patients
  • Building loyalty and trust in your brand
  • Offering new services
  • Promoting health initiatives

Watch our commercial for MedStar, “Adding Life to Years®,” where we highlighted the treatment that sets them apart. 

Healthcare Explainers

How are you helping patients understand their care? How are you teaching caregivers about sensitive topics? Explainer videos leverage animation to guide viewers through complex processes, products, and questions. Our team will find a custom style that fits your audience while our scriptwriters clearly address the central topic. Consider healthcare explainers to:

  • Guide patients through treatment options
  • Train employees and partners
  • Communicate sensitive topics
  • Outline new tools or services

View our clip “What is Hypertension?” from the documentary, "A Teachable Moment," which helps Americans understand the causes and risks of this diagnosis. 

Digital Advertising

Reach audiences where your message will have an impact with LAI Video’s digital advertising services. With healthcare experience, our creative team will locate your targeted audience, convey your message, and connect them with the care they need. Digital advertising can help you:

  • Promote new services
  • Grow your care network
  • Target specific demographics
  • Share important health information

Consider our partnership with No Kid Hungry, where we helped them reach key audiences with their public service announcement, “Rebuilding.”

Educational and Training Videos

When you need to standardize procedures or educate on sensitive topics, LAI Video provides clear, consistent messaging. Working with experts, our team will script, film, edit, and animate videos that are sure to streamline your education initiatives. Consider educational and training videos for:

  • DEI and Health Equity Trainings
  • New Staff Education
  • Providing treatment options
  • General patient education

See our partnership with Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neo-Natal Nurses (AWHONN) educate members on care equity. 

Why LAI Video for Healthcare Video Production?

With considerable experience in the healthcare industry, a powerful team of creatives, and a commitment to making campaigns that work, LAI Video is your next video partner. We’ll help you find new approaches to help your company achieve your top goals and stay innovative. In addition, our strategic location in Washington, D.C., helps you reach the nation’s regulators, healthcare experts, and key stakeholders, building a brand that’s meant to last.


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