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We Make Video Campaigns

LAI Video specializes in video-centric campaigns to get the word out. The kind of campaigns that attract action, create change or make something matter. Whether you’re educating a targeted group of movers-and-shakers or raising awareness to the masses, we help you write your story, tell it and roll it out.

Pitching Prose

Before we become storytellers, we investigate. We get to know our partners and the pending problem. We determine demographics. Sling together sounds. Pitch prose. Invent idioms. We establish a hook—a hashtag—so irresistible that we can draw the right eyeballs, but also deliver a satisfying tale. 

See how we produced this promotional video that taps into popular trends to reach students in a memorable way.

Straight-Shooting Strategizing

Next, we build out the basic structure for the campaign. A backbone. Is this a pre-roll video ad? A meaty, content-rich series? Does it live on a freshly-developed microsite or operate within an existing communication strategy? What are all of the social trappings and tweets to tease the messaging?

See how we built an awareness campaign that lives on a microsite complete with an animated video with an original song (!!) and Bill Nye-inspired science program.

Massage That Messaging

Our team of creative producers and wordsmiths wrap your message with a solid script. Something that cuts through the spam of a typical inbox and sounds like it was written by a gosh-dang-it human being. Something that’s well-researched but carries with it a strong sense of self or humor. It has all the right feels and is inherently memorable.

Watch this promo video to see how we promote a new online database with a clear and friendly tone.


Well-versed in design, cinematography and motion graphics, our team of producers will convert your campaign blueprint into something wonderful. Something totally planned, but completely organic. Something unexpected. Our Producer and Project Managers shepherd the campaign through production, keeping your products punctual while ensuring exquisite craftsmanship.

Check out how we produced a promotional video with beautiful cinematography and animation to promote a property that didn't exist yet.

Unleashing The Facebook Krakens

When the deliverables are ready to roll, we release them to the world (or specific parts of the world). Following a controlled timeline, we invade the airwaves, socialwaves and any kind of waves that will make the biggest splash. We evaluate the initial response to grow the campaign and best adapt our approach for the next project. We hold back tears (the good kind) as we wrap-up a well-done work—something we hope you appreciate and hope we can blog about later.

See how we worked with No Kid Hungry to generate millions of social posts, hundreds of community videos, and even some celebrities to raise awareness for childhood hunger.

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