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Lets make something that matters. 

Since YouTube and DSLRs and the UPS White Board Guy pushed us into a new era of video marketing, weve watched so many wonderful, moving, educational things. 

But weve also seen our share of corporate mush that can only be described as content.”

And for that, we cannot stand. 

Because you should not be content with content. 

At LAI Video, we want to know what the heck youre really trying to say. 

Are you trying to recruit amazing new employees? Promote a new suite of services? Explain how something works? Fundraise for a worthwhile cause? 

Our marketers are trained in the art of not forgetting that they are human beings and making digital campaigns that move audiences. Emotionally. Physically. Existentially. To explore far-off locations and reach new understandings.


We form long-lasting partnerships with major brands, companies, non-profits, and government agencies to tell stories that are as thoughtful as they are cutting-edge. 

Our b-rollers, f-stoppers, and robot whisperers, use our collective experiences, creative gut and, yes, AI-powered machines to perfect prose, build better, and uphold our promise to be real and weird all at once.

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LAI Video specializes in video-centric campaigns to get the word out. The kind of campaigns that attract action, create change or make something matter. Share the same values? Check out our latest job openings!