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​​​​​​Do your recruitment videos showcase your organization’s values and highlight the best of your talent? Are your fundraising initiatives telling an emotional story of the great work your team is accomplishing? Does your identity video reflect your team’s future-focused goals? Your biggest priorities need video that works.

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What are we trying to accomplish? What defines success? Who is the audience and what do they care about? These are just some of the things our team will dig into to get started.

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​​​​​​Once you’re satisfied with all deliverables, it’s time to put them to work. From digital advertising to event promotion, LAI Video will help identify a distribution strategy and meet your consumers where they are. Great! We made a communication piece! Now how do we get it in front of people? From geo-fencing to targeted delivery, our distribution solutions get your message in front of the right people. This is how we make videos that work.

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LAI Video specializes in video-centric campaigns to get the word out. The kind of campaigns that attract action, create change or make something matter. Share the same values? Check out our latest job openings!