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Events Video Production

Are you hosting an event and want to maximize its value? Do you want to create engaging, immersive experiences for your guests? How are you getting those guests in the door in the first place? Whether you need promotional, experiential, or dynamic content, LAI Video makes event videos that work. 

With 20+ years of experience in live events, our events video production is high-quality, effective, and always innovative. We work with your specifications, from branding and budgets to A/V and audience, to create unique video that makes your organization’s event stand out. If you’re looking to impress audiences and host memorable experiences, contact our team to get started. 

There’s lots to consider when working with an event video production company, and there’s lots to be excited about. Explore LAI Video’s event solutions, approach, and expertise below. 

Types of Event Videos

Whether you’re looking to set attendance records or create emotion and action within your audience, LAI Video has an event solution designed for your goal.

On-Site Filming and Edits

If you want to extend the life of your event or create real-time engagement, consider on-site filming and edits. On-site filming guarantees spectacular footage of attendees, sessions, and activations for later use, while on-site edits take real-time footage and create engaging content for social marketing or closing sessions. 

Simply put, LAI Video does more than help you prepare. We’ll work during and through your event to capture on-site content and publish real-time videos. Our team of producers and cinematographers has been on-site with National Retail Foundation, Infectious Disease Society of America (at right), International Baccalaureate, and many more to support their largest productions.

Why partner with LAI Video for Events Video Production?

As part of a full-suite events company, LAI Video has thorough and nuanced events video production experience. We’ve partnered with a broad range of clients, from associations to corporations, nonprofits to government agencies, and worked across numerous industries. We know Events, and we know how to make yours stand out above the rest. 

We also offer unique, technical expertise to your team. If you need video for a custom A/V set-up, industry-leading graphic design support, or immersive pop-up activations, LAI Video has the knowledge and skills to help you succeed.

Why work with a Video Production Company?

Hosting an event is a large undertaking. You have to book a venue, manage your budget, hire catering and much more. Plus, since 80% of viewers remember what they watch and are more likely to act on video, you’ll want to create tell meaningful stories and drive engagement through video.

Event video production companies also free up your time by handling all video needs and providing support throughout your event. Videographers and editors produce precise, professional-grade videos for use during and after your event, and producers manage all logistical challenges. It’s an exciting, powerful, and beneficial partnership for all.


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