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Based in Washington D.C., LAI Video specializes in helping associations communicate nationwide. Whether you need to boost membership, advocate for industry issues, or host an incredible event, our combination of creative video and technical expertise will drive your success.

Corporate Video Services


Recruit, advertise, communicate, and grow with LAI Video’s corporate video production. Whether you’re looking to innovate new products, streamline internal projects, or maximize profits, our corporate video services provide high-quality and lasting results.


Strengthen your school community

Strengthen your school community through video. Whether you’re talking to students, parents, teachers, or alumni, you need a message that will make everyone commit to your mission. Are you kickstarting a fundraising campaign? Promoting a school program? Recruiting new students? Recognizing teachers' hard work? Consider how video could increase support from all angles. 

Software and Technology

Stand out in a crowded industry

Since your growth depends on staying innovative, your marketing should reflect the vision you have. Major tech brands and promising startups trust LAI Video to build creative campaigns that attract investors, buyers, and employees through original storytelling. Your breakthrough just needs a video that works for your future. 


Improve your care 

Video communications provide accessible information to your patients and caregivers. You can deepen understanding of important medical topics, build your institution’s reputation, and attract new faces to your practice. Top healthcare partners have asked LAI Video to tackle their most pressing matters, and we’ve delivered success each time. 

Commercial Real Estate

Build success from the ground up

Through targeted advertising and stunning visuals, video generates interest from developers, investors, and potential renters. An investment in video marketing adds value to your properties and helps you out-perform competitors. LAI Video has helped real-estate partners of all sizes, pushing their skyline higher with drones, animation, and cinematography.


Raise awareness & build empathy

Grow beyond your fundraising goals with mission-driven storytelling. Whether you want to activate current supporters or attract new donors, video’s emotional power strengthens connections and increases contributions. Your mission is just a documentary or PSA away from incredible impact.  


Be the voice of change

Advocacy videos move legislators, stakeholders, and grassroots populations into action. You can target your base and create local policy, or you can run a broad campaign that reveals a nationwide issue. Based in Washington, DC, our videos get the attention and action your organization needs. 


Let's make something great

Show your quality, safety, and commitment to customers with pride. Through video, you can win new customers, attract career employees, and boost industrial ties along your supply chain. With your blue-collar ethic and our expertise in video production, you’ll be working at maximum efficiency. 


Show the human side of numbers

You can show your value to clients, recruits, and potential investors with video marketing and communications. In one studio, LAI Video has helped financial institutions of all kinds simplify financial jargon, honor longstanding executives, and foster mutual deals. By centering the history, strategy, and personality that sets your services apart, your message will get results.

Let's Talk About Your Project

Let’s Talk About Your Project

LAI Video’s award-winning team brings decades of experience producing powerful videos and compelling digital communications campaigns for clients—both big and small—across the country. Our storytelling is unique in that we work with many audiences and industries. Our inherent curiosity drives us to become temporary authorities on a variety of specialized fields.

Reach out to our team today to hear how we can find your industry’s hidden stories and bring them to life through compelling video campaigns. We'd love to share about industries that have seen great results from video marketing to help brainstorm ideas.

Not sure if you're part of the industries that should use video? Let's see if your industry should use video in your next campaign. You can also call us at 202-416-4660, email us at, or live chat with a member of our team right now.