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How are you ensuring memorable, meaningful, and successful communications? Consider internal comms video production. Whether you’re talking to members, partners, donors, or employees, LAI Video keeps your audience engaged and streamlines the internal comms process. 

With video, you can outgrow the lengthy, ineffective newsletters, repurpose those dense, complex PDF reports, and focus on the people that really matter. As a result, your audience will be more informed and aligned with your goals, and you’ll foster strong connections across your organization. Let’s talk about the value of video communications. 

You may wonder, what does video communications even look like? How can it engage my specific audience? While our solutions take many forms, explore some of our most popular projects.

Employee, Investor, and Member Updates

How are you communicating success, progress, and future goals? Keep your stakeholders in the know with video updates. Whether you’re filming yearly, quarterly, or monthly, LAI Video’s video production services provide opportunities for you to address key information and maximize retention. 

Updates take many forms, from direct-address spotlights to year-in-review animations, but the primary goals remain the same: connect, unify, and communicate. LAI Video will help you script, record, design, and deliver a top-tier, custom message that strengthens your organization from the inside-out.

We’ve helped ACI, HITT Contracting, ACC, ELFA, and others foster a culture of communication, leading to healthier employee, investor, and member relationships. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Videos

Workforces aren’t one-dimensional. Your internal comms shouldn’t be either. Use video to highlight your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion for all your employees. You can show real employees, tell honest stories, and convey authentic dedication to your values.

DEI Videos and other mission-driven communications start with considerate corporate video production. LAI Video’s creative team will become familiar with your values before crafting a message that aligns with your culture. 

Our videos for Crowell & Moring (at left) and AWHONN provide an intimate touch to a difficult corporate subject, embracing improvement with open arms.


Streamline your onboarding, professional development, and technical training, but don’t forget to make it memorable. LAI Video specializes in corporate training videos that appeal past the “corporate,” helping viewers understand and retain knowledge.

With our video production services, you can improve the quality and consistency of these processes, especially as old videos or trainings become obsolete. Our production team works with outside experts to keep information up-to-date, accurate, and effective.

See our work with No Kid Hungry to understand how we make simple trainings exciting. 

Launching Organization-Wide Initiatives

Some initiatives require organization-wide collaboration, but communicating across teams, departments, and even offices can be challenging. Video provides a simpler way to standardize goals, launch programs with momentum, and report on their success.

LAI Video’s video production services center collaboration, unity, and personal messaging when preparing for your next initiative. “We need everyone” means everyone, and video has the unique capability to catalyze your entire base. 

We helped Nestlé USA launch their new, innovative Open Channel initiative, and we made sure it felt as exciting as it sounds. In the past we’ve also helped International Baccalaureate, Deloitte, and others announce their industry-shifting strategies.


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Why Effective Internal Communications Are Important

Internal communications are vital to build a strong culture and excite employees about your organization and their contributions. According to one study, 74% of employers believe internal communication should shape company culture and create a sense of belonging. Still, only 56% felt their employees understand the organization's culture, strategy, and vision. A communication plan helps you achieve your internal goals and ensures employees are engaged and empowered to understand what is essential to your business.

Invested employees are committed to your company's success in times of uncertainty and change. Engaged employees also drive productivity, create a positive work environment and increase your retention rate. The bottom line — a happy employee is your brand's greatest asset and advocate. 

Our Internal Communication Services

LAI Video is an award-winning agency based in Washington, D.C., serving organizations nationwide. We have 20-plus years of experience helping companies engage their employees with meaningful internal videos, keeping individuals invested with innovative solutions. We partner with you and take a three-phase approach to your project:

  1. Understanding your challenge: Our strategic team listens to your precise needs and grasps the core of what you want to accomplish.
  2. Providing customized solutions: We help you define what success looks like and create cutting-edge solutions to bolster your internal communication efforts. 
  3. Helping you communicate your message: Once you are satisfied with the deliverables, we help you with your distribution strategy to maximize impact and drive home the desired messaging to your employees. 

Our Campaigns and Portfolio 

We have an extensive portfolio of examples of how we've helped organizations make a difference with their internal stakeholders. We highlight a few critical internal communication facets and examples of campaigns below.

Why Partnering With Us Is Beneficial for Your Organization

LAI Video has exactly what you need to bolster your internal communications. We provide:

  • Innovative content: You want your employees to feel valued and in touch with your organization's mission, vision, values, and culture. We help you create fresh, intriguing, and engaging communications to help you invest in your most valuable assets — your employees.
  • Convenient partnership: Our team is full of creative and strategic masters, helping you from the initial concept to the execution and distribution of your internal communications. 
  • Authentic connections: Authenticity is key regardless of what you need to communicate. Your employees must connect, relate, and trust what you are sharing for it to have an impact. We will help you with crafting transparent and consistent messaging.

Let's Talk About Your Internal Comms Video

Looking for an effective way to communicate internally and think video is the right fit? Let's connect. You'll see firsthand how our team can transform your organizational comms. Contact us by:

Let's Talk About Your Internal Comms Video

Looking for an effective way to communicate and think video is the right fit? Let's connect.

Contact LAI Video