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Digital Advertising and Ad Placement

Reach customers where they’re most likely to act with LAI Video’s digital advertising services. Our creative team will locate your top audience, target them with effective messaging, and drive your success. Whether you need to boost brand awareness, sales, or engagement, LAI Video will help you achieve all your digital goals. 

Simply put, digital ad placement meets you customers where they already are. LAI Video will not only build stunning creative assets but also ensure they reach the right people for maximum impact. Consider how your next campaign could appear on streaming platforms, podcast episodes, or high-traffic websites of all kinds. If you want a sneak peak, reach out!

Depending on your audience, goals, and brand, LAI Video’s creative strategists will build a unique campaign optimized for your organization. Here are some of the many tools at our disposal:

Display Advertising

Display advertising reaches your top audience as they scroll and explore the web. Our ad placement team will identify relevant, high-quality websites that your customers consistently visit and deploy strategic messaging. Using both branded graphics and eye-catching video, display advertising leverages advanced geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting strategies for maximum results. In addition, LAI Video always offers 100% transparent reporting to verify and analyze campaign performance.

Pre-roll and Video Advertising

Video Advertising is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising, with over 55% of consumers using video for purchase decisions. Consider a pre-roll video advertisement that you see on streaming, news, or social media platforms. Often, you must watch 5-seconds, 10-seconds, or the whole video before moving on to your selected content. These moments are hugely effective in boosting brand awareness and motivating behavior, especially with LAI Video’s high-impact creative. 

Geography-based advertising

If you’re a local company, hosting a local event, or expanding business in a specific area, geographic advertising tools such as geo-fencing can hyper-localize your message. Location is the catalyst for 93% of sales, and LAI Video can target your audience from one city block to a whole area code. We’ll also make multiple creative revisions to personalize your content and ensure you’re not wasting ad spend on consumers outside your range.

Streaming Advertising

Streaming is the new broadcast, and LAI Video can place your message next to premium movies and TV shows on a range of devices. Specifically, LAI Video offers two kinds of streaming ads: OTT and CTV. OTT Ads are 15- to 30-second video commercials delivered to computers, phones, tablets and TVs, while CTV ads (a form of OTT) exclusively appear on TV-sized devices. These ads are highly effective due to consumers spending an average of 67 minutes per day watching subscription content, generating incredible brand awareness and boosted sales.

Audio Advertising

With the rise of podcasts, audio advertising drives brand consistency, diversifies your customer base, and targets audiences by interest. LAI Video produces audio-only ads for both podcast breaks and traditional radio, unifying your organization across platforms. Even today, the market for audio advertising is very accessible, and LAI Video can help you become a leading voice in the ears of consumers. 


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