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Animation Video Production

From product explainers to promotional video, LAI Video’s animated video production drives engagement and elevates your creative brand. With both animated corporate video production and animated video marketing on the rise, LAI Video’s team of industry-leading motionographers will help you grab your audience’s attention and stand out when you most need to. 

Animation is perfect for breaking down complex concepts, emphasizing statistics and data, and communicating intangible ideas. While it’s impossible to show every style, our expansive portfolio of animation video production shows just how creative we can be. Reach out for a custom consultation and video quote. 

Where will our animation team take you? Explore a range of animation services below and consider how animated video production could suit your organization:

Animated Explainer Videos

Make understanding easy for your audience, and you’ll reap the reward. Explainer videos leverage animation to guide viewers through complex processes, products, and questions. LAI Video’s artists will find a custom style that fits your audience while our scriptwriters clearly and concisely address the central topic. If you’re tasked with consumer awareness, internal training, product spotlights, or FAQs, we can take the explaining off your plate.

Watch a signature explainer video “What is Hypertension?” from our feature film, A Teachable Moment.

Animated Marketing Videos

If you need versatile marketing that will stand out, drive brand recognition, and effectively communicate your central message, animation video production offers the most opportunities for success. LAI Video’s animated marketing solutions focus on creativity, shareability, and versatility to increase information retention and appeal directly to your consumers. With stunning visuals and clear messaging, animation will move your audience to action. 

Some animation marketing examples include our work with CropLife America, Newmark, FSMB, and CheckMarx.

Why use animation for corporate video production?

For corporations and professional organizations, animation strengthens your brand and engages audiences through professional storytelling. You can leverage the versatility of animated video for targeted marketing outreach, event experiences, employee training, recruitment, quarterly reports, and more. With the ability to maintain brand consistency, increase information retention, and unify messaging across platforms, animated videos are valuable assets for global businesses and all organizations. 

See a quick overview of LAI Video's many styles and solutions at right.

How to work with an animation video production company

If you’re ready to boost engagement, branding, and audience retention, reach out to LAI Video! Our experienced animation team will help you identify the right messaging, style, and distribution to achieve your goals. Throughout the animation process, we’ll collaborate with your team to form storyboards and finalize scripting, ensuring that all assets align with your objectives. Upon completion, LAI Video’s digital advertising services can then target your audience to maximize your video’s impact. 

Watch our Associate Creative Director, Rob Kramer, walk through our detailed animation process.


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