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Ways to Upgrade Your Event with Various Types of Videos

Ways to Upgrade Your Event with Various Types of Videos

How do you use video as part of your communication plan? With so many different types of videos out there, it may be difficult to pick just one. Luckily for you, you don't have to! Follow along as we break down how you can use video at your next event and the various types of videos that are available to you.


As you look for ways to upgrade your event with videos, consider these four tips for keeping your meetings in shape with a better, smarter video strategy.

  1. Do NOT introduce speakers with generic talking points

    Skip the lengthy remarks from the podium in lieu of a series of eye-popping, foot-tapping mini-videos videos that will bring your speakers to the stage with style and swagger. 

    Check out the intro videos that we produced for boxing champion Laila Ali and others for Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas

  2. Do NOT over-invest in screens and under-invest in content

    A notable trend in stage design is utilizing large displays instead of traditional, physical set pieces. But the biggest and best screens are only as good as the content you put on them.

    For the International Franchise Associations' Annual Convention, we developed powerful visuals that filled a custom, curved, edge-blend set, becoming the defining signature backdrop that could energize crowds and honor awardees. 

  3. Do NOT torture audiences with boring awards

    Face it. With honoree introductions, thank-you speeches and the in-between transition acts, award shows can be a feat of patience. They don't have to be.

    For CEO Update's sixth annual Association Leadership Awards, we made thoughtful tributes that did right by the honored executives, offering touching stories and lasting insights. 

  4. Do NOT have an amazing event and forget to document it

    Today, nothing is official without the official video recap.

    Our sister-company, LAI Live, produced Girls Tech Days, a series of events for Amazon Web Services. But you would never know about these incredible, open and free opportunities if it wasn't for our video. 

Stick to these tips and you'll be sure to "wow" your audience at your next in-person or virtual event.


How do you plan to use video at your annual meeting? In partnership with LAI Live, our team at LAI Video worked with the International Franchise Association on IFA2019, their annual convention.

Our team developed content both before and during the show to help define the attendee experience, generate a ton of buzz, and promote specific initiatives with the end goal of positioning IFA as the stewards and the authority within the franchising community.

We didn't create just one video for their event, we created:

  • An exciting promo video to help boost attendance
  • A recap video of the convention we edited overnight to play on the last day of the convention
  • A “media booth” where a team interviewed stakeholders and conference award winners, streaming the content straight to Facebook Live
  • A video spotlight featuring the “Next Generation” of Franchise Leaders
  • Pre-produced a graphics-intense opening, introduction, and awards videos that were loud and created visually-stunning “moments” that swept across a custom, multi-set screen

These videos, along with the graphics our live team used throughout the conference, all played off one another to create a cohesive look and feel and an unforgettable attendee experience.

IFA 2019


It can be so hard to revive and reenergize awards shows. But our team found a technique that infused ceremonies with the best kind of emotion—happy tears!

For this amazing project, the DC Ed Fund allowed us to capture the exact moment teachers found out they had been selected as Teachers of the Year. The results are pretty powerful.

Capturing “OMG” moments is just one technique our video team has tapped into to create incredible videos. 


Trade shows are like arenas. You’re vying for the attention of dozens of attendees, yet competing with not only the booths around you but also the noise of the crowds. Add the fact that you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, and you have quite the challenge on your hands! 

In fact, trade shows are becoming one of the best events for video, courtesy of their unique advantages both during and after your event.  

Here are five reasons why trade shows are great events for video:

  1. They're Attention-Grabbing
    At a trade show, there’s plenty for visitors to see and do—that’s why they’re always on the move. Trying to make an impression on them within five seconds is a steep order, yet a vibrant and punchy bumper video on your booth’s screens can get them interested enough to stop in and chat about your product or services. And that gives you the opportunity to make a connection and a sale.
  2. They're Noise-Cancelling
    With dozens of conversations going at once, it’s a challenge to lead-in to your company’s offerings without asking, “What did you say?” at least once. Event videos for trade shows do all the talking for you with easy-to-read text, product overviews, and stunning shots of your service or product. You can even set the tone by adding a toe-tapping soundtrack to get people dancing at your booth!
  3. They're Engaging
    All video ideas for trade shows focus on engaging attendees—and they can do it with the right style, techniques, storytellers, and video communications company. Glue attendees—as well as people at home—to their screens with not only professional, to-the-point bumper and product videos, but also live videos cataloging your attendance.
    Engaging Trade Show Videos
  4. They're Effective
    When you have A-plus videos for your trade show, you can trust they’ll make some noise. By delving into your products and their features, while broadcasting from a screen that’s visible from across the aisle or the room, you’re engaging with more people than before and encouraging them to step into your booth and hear what you and your team have to say.
  5. They're Reusable
    Our favorite reason for why trade shows are the best events for video? Because their content is recyclable. Go ahead and add that product video to your social media pages and reap the shares, likes, and retweets. Or, incorporate it into your upcoming newsletter or follow-up emails to the prospects you met during your trade show bonanza. You can even celebrate with a compilation of clips taken during the show.
    Reusable Trade Show Videos

Ready to see firsthand why trade shows make for great videos? Pair up with our award-winning team of nerds at LAI Video. We’ll not only come up with thoughtful and creative trade show video ideas that match your company’s goals, but also handle the development, production, and editing of your videos from start to finish.


Now that you have a tool case full of various ways you can upgrade your in-person or virtual meeting with event videos, connect with us to get started!

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