Portfolio: Girls' Tech Day | LAI Video

Girls' Tech Day - International


We partnered with Amazon Web Services on its signature GirlsTech Day event – a global experience designed to inspire and engage with young girls interested in STEAM fields. Meeting the needs of the events international audience was an ambitious undertaking, but we were up for the challenge, embodying the programs theme:Mission Possible.” For the sprawling virtual event, we:

  • Coordinated and directed an extensive international network of talent,  partners, and stakeholders.
  • Produced over 90 education segments.
  • Localized content for audiences in 7 languages.
  • Worked with our sister business, LAI Live, to support in-platform interactive experiences.
  • Refined the user experience with AWS throughout our three years of partnership on the program.

Recording 'Round the Clock - And 'Round the World

With its firmly-held belief in technologys ability to change the world, AWS selected a geographically diverse cohort of speakers to deliver remarks in English, Chinese, French, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. To accommodate our speakersschedules, we arranged remote recording sessions across time zones and around the clock. With the help of our bilingual producers, we directed our presenters in their native language (and, when possible, we directed our presenters in other languages, too!).

Planning A Shared Global Experience

In order to match the excitement and curiosity of young girls interested in technology, we knew wed need to propose something unique. Something memorable. Something fun! Embodying the themes of discovery, we landed on the idea of a host for the virtual GirlsTech Day experience – a scientist character on a mission to launch herself into orbit. After casting and filming the aspiring astronaut in our studio, we composited playful graphics that surrounded her latest science experiments.

Making Global Local

Committed to fostering a global GirlsTech Day community, AWS provided a repository of content that allowed participants to hear from women in tech around the world. Ensuring that participants could engage with these modules long after the program’s debut, we moved all segments into an on-demand platform. Our post-production team included a group of bilingual editors that could translate speakersremarks for our participantssemantic contexts, avoiding potentially uncomfortable semantic oversights and reinforcing a unified experience across the seven GirlsTech Day variations.

Learning in Real Time- And Having Fun!

While we pre-recorded the GirlsTech Day general sessions, we also partnered with LAI Live to manage interactive coding activities during the events interlude. Paired with a DJ segment, diversity panel, program graphics and engaging speaker content, we launched our viewers into meaningful learning experiences and a great deal of fun.