One Mission Many Voices: Farm Credit Council | LAI Video

One Mission. Many Voices.

Long-time fans of both farming and banking, LAI Video was delighted to find a project that showed the two worlds aren't as different as apples and oranges. Promoting the good work of the farmer-owned co-ops across the country, Farm Credit Council partnered with us to develop a storytelling campaign that gave proper, well, credit to the lenders committed to serving rural communities and American agriculture.

Bet the Farm (On a Good Series)

Designed as an extension of the "One Mission. Many Voices." campaign, we pitched a storytelling series that would transport viewers, and FCC's target audience, to far off landscapes. The idea was to have each episode -- each farm visit -- spotlight a different operation that could not have made its extraordinary technological investments without financing from their local farm credit partners. But these aren't big banks providing the big bucks -- each vignette shows that these are customer-owned cooperatives with a customer-first approach. They "get" farmers because they are farmers.

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Susy laid out a multi-video strategy that would cover as much literal and figurative ground as possible, showing that FCC's mission is embodied through businesses of all shapes and sizes. From perennials and pine seedlings to sweet potatoes and oysters, the ongoing series takes our nerds to family-owned, mom and pops to sweeping enterprises that export goods globally. A former blueberry farmer and greenhouse manager herself, Cat launched the series as the producer, using her passion for agribusinesses to connect on an emotional level with the farmer subjects. For each episode, the owners are directed to take the LAI Video crew on an on-camera tour, explaining how the farm credit loans have revolutionized their operations.

When Pigs Fly

Anthony, De'von, Phil and Jun remained committed to capturing each story with a consistent aesthetic, while still adapting to the unique personalities and terrain. From lush fields and snow-covered greenhouses to factory floors and intimate home offices, the team used a variety of cinematic tools to preserve the romance and grit of working on a farm. Slow-motion shots show dedication to craft. Long close-ups expose the state-of-the-art equipment. And drone photography reveals breathtaking scale.

You Reap What You Sow

Every episode exists as its own case study in supporting family-owned, rural farms. Collectively, the series shows an industry's impact on strengthening local economies, providing new and challenging jobs and helping the overall success of American agriculture. This content not only remains one of the most tangible components of FCC's identity, but it is also recut and repurposed to service its legislative efforts in Washington, DC -- to advocate for key policies that strengthen rural America and its cooperative businesses.