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The Value of Video in Internal Communications

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As the pandemic proliferated a new, more distanced way of working, many companies faced the question: how do we communicate with our employees? Many found the answer in video messaging. 

Great internal video communications allow a company to do four things:


The solution to dry corporate training lies in engaging video. Streamline your onboarding, advancement, or diversity training while still making a lasting impact. Our stylish motion graphics and custom solutions made this exercise clear and exciting.

Maintaining Transparency

Your employees are constantly discussing trends in the industry such as, “how is the market performing?” or “how is our organization responding?” Video messaging can help leadership prioritize communication and transparency, letting staff know they’re listening. 


Thorough Internal communications have the power to excite. Want to spur movement for a new initiative? Need to raise awareness for a new program or accomplishment? Move past the outdated companywide email – go with video. 


How a company communicates to its employees signifies its internal culture. Using video magic, we can take your executives to the wild west or even the sets of a late night TV show. Fun motifs can not only stir excitement and engagement but also allow employees to feel heard and appreciated.

The best internal communications campaigns make you feel happier and smarter. Partner with us to create one of your own.
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