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Industry Spotlight: Real Estate Video Campaigns


Lengthy construction schedules. Attracting investors for world-class developments. Proving that your firm is the right “fit” to sell a property—or that it’s the right fit for hopeful hires looking to build their careers.

Sound familiar?

As the real estate industry confronts new obstacles and opportunities, video has become its go-to communications tool.

Whether it’s to win a bid or to wow would-be employees, to promote a property or to build a brand, LAI Video has produced innovative video production campaigns for real estate agents, realtors, and others across the built environment sector. Keep reading to see how our work has tackled some of the industry’s most complex challenges through video production for realtors.

commercial real estate Property marketing

Newmark knight frank | uptown station promotional video


LAI Video partnered with Newmark Knight Frank to promote Uptown Station in Oakland, California among investors. Using a variety of cinematic techniques—think drones, time-lapse footage, sophisticated animation, and 3D renderings of properties—we positioned the building as the natural outcome of the dynamics shaping the city.

Real estate arts | A Tale of Two Buildings


Our video production real estate work with Real Estate Arts is truly a tale of two buildings, examining commercial properties from two very different perspectives.

When tasked with marketing 4747 Bethesda Avenue—which was still under development at the time of filming—our team chose to emphasize the building’s vibrant surrounding community as well as its elegant design and amenities.

When promoting 32 Old Slip, we emphasized the people over the property itself. Featuring interviews with a variety of happy tenants and portraying their thoughts and feelings with animated doodles, the video makes clear that 32 Old Slip is a building in which employees are excited to work.

corporate social responsibility (CSR)



LAI Video partnered with HITT Contracting to spotlight Co|Lab—an exciting new resource that brings the construction industry together to collaborate, brainstorm, and address the modern-day challenges that the industry is facing.

Propelled by a lyrical anthem, we projected larger-than-life visuals onto the building, creating an inspiring visual metaphor for building change. A rallying call to unite the next generation of builders for industry-wide collaboration, the promo video we created portrays Co|Lab not only as a physical space, but also as an inspiring visual metaphor for building change. Click here to learn more about how LAI Video partnered with HITT Contracting to promote and advance this groundbreaking built environment industry initiative.




As designers ourselves, LAI Video was thrilled to produce a behind-the-scenes featurette video for FOX Architects that takes a closer look at the teams’ approach to creating spaces.

Using an actual client as a case study, the video invites viewers and prospective clients to see FOX’s commitment to community, culture, and the creative process. 


The mortgage bankers association: CREF Careers


The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) sought out LAI Video’s expertise in promoting and bolstering its CREF Careers initiative—an outreach program designed to interest college-aged students in pursuing a career in real estate finance.

Following a “day in the life” approach, we highlighted the type of millennials already benefiting from flourishing careers in the industry. And we did it with dutch angles! Click here to learn more about the video-driven campaigns we produced in partnership with MBA to bolster their CREF Careers Initiative.

Want to see more industry-specific video campaigns? Take a look at our industry spotlights to catch a glimpse of the different styles and approaches we have taken with various client engagements across a myriad of different industries and business sectors.


Real Estate Industry Spotlight


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