Industry Spotlight: Real Estate Video Campaigns

We’ve all heard it before: “Location, location, location.” Clearly, this is what real estate is all about, right?

Not so fast. While location is certainly important, the field of real estate—especially in the twenty-first century—is about so much more. It’s about how a building’s design can facilitate new and collaborative ways of working. Or the economic impact a commercial property can bring to a neighborhood. Or the careers and livelihoods that the industry fosters. Or the agents who give back to your community and who know you and your family on a personal level.

Keep reading to see how our work illustrates the multifaceted world of real estate, from the perspectives of customers to those of their agents, from the commercial sector to the residential, and from the professionals whose personal and financial aspirations the industry supports.

A Tale of Two Buildings

Our work with Real Estate Arts is truly a tale of two buildings, examining commercial properties from two very different perspectives. When tasked with marketing 4747 Bethesda Avenue—which was still under development at the time of filming—our team chose to emphasize its vibrant surrounding community as well as its elegant design and amenities.

On the other hand, when marketing 32 Old Slip, we emphasized the people over the property itself. Featuring interviews with a variety of happy tenants and accentuating their thoughts and feelings through animated doodles, the video makes clear that 32 Old Slip is a building in which employees are excited to work.

CREF Careers

When partnering with the Mortgage Bankers Association, we sought to promote its CREF Careers initiative—an outreach program designed to interest college-aged students in pursuing a career in real estate finance. During production, our team followed a docu-style, “day in the life” approach to highlight the type of millennials already benefiting from flourishing careers in the industry.

Producing a full-length video, a thirty-second social spot and multiple graphics and GIFs, we authentically portrayed the fresh faces that embody the new generation of real estate finance professionals.

Meet the Prigal Brothers

LAI Video partnered with The Prigal Brothers and Associates to tout their familiarity with the community they serve and to promote their cooperative approach. Through informative and candid sit-down interviews with each team member, we showcased how the company’s personnel have grown up in and have given back to the community their whole lives. Highlighting how the Prigal Brothers aren’t the big real estate guys, the video makes clear that they are among the most relatable and trustworthy team of realtors you can find.

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