Industry Spotlight: Healthcare Video Campaigns

The world of healthcare is vast and complex. Healthcare policy can be complicated. Arming patients, caregivers, and clinicians with the latest information as it relates to medical technologies and procedures is no easy task.

If there’s one common thread uniting the healthcare world, it’s that hospitals, clinicians, not-for-profits, and health advocates are all committed to improving outcomes and making best-in-class knowledge and practices accessible for all. And video is often their tool of choice. Sometimes, these videos rely on sharing real-life stories told through the eyes of real-life people, establishing an emotional connection with viewers that pulls at their heartstrings. At other times, these videos incorporate animation to simplify complex concepts or make intricate policy approaches digestible and relatable to broader audiences.

No matter the creative approach, video has a profound ability to help people prevent or overcome illness and disease or take actions that can save lives. Keep reading to learn more about the plethora of effective video campaigns that we've created for our clients in the healthcare industry.

A Teachable Moment

As our first feature-length film, A Teachable Moment describes the science behind stroke, offers lifestyle choices to lower risk, and empowers viewers with the knowledge that the disease is preventable, treatable, and beatable. Produced in partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Stroke Association (ASA) and MedStar Health, this educational and moving documentary features stroke survivors who speak to their own personal experiences and struggles with recovery as they search for their new normal following their stroke. The video is also punctuated with a chorus of leading healthcare experts who explain stroke from a medical perspective, incorporating original and playful animation that very literally brings their remarks to life.

The PPH Project

LAI Video partnered with the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses to support its Postpartum Hemorrhage Project—an initiative dedicated to reducing the startling number of mother fatalities after childbirth. Capturing an almost intervention-style forum that features clinicians speaking to the value of the AWHONN course, the video establishes an emotional connection between the viewer and the real-life nurses advancing an industry. Our team also worked with AWHONN in developing educational video content for the Project, using animation to train nurses about tangible measures to prevent postpartum hemorrhaging. 

Smarter Medicine, Portable Care

When the Federation of State Medical Boards came to us looking for a memorable way to state their case before state legislators, physicians, and the general public, our team was ready to rise to the challenge. In just ninety seconds, our video explains medical licensure compacts while delivering a definitive call-to-action. Using a simple linear design scheme that builds upon the ubiquitous visual language of digital technology, our team was able to emphasize how seeking medical attention is akin to seeking just about anything else in today’s uber-connected world.

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