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Overnight Videos Is A Thing (& Not Magic)


Your big event is going great. Your spent months (maybe years!) pulling it all together and today is the last day. Attendees seem engaged, happy even.

But this morning is met with with roller bags filling your event space. As folks are checking into flights they are checking out of your program. How do you pull them back in for just one more lasting impression? 

Enter, the overnight-edit recap video. A high-energy, content-loaded promo that is just as thoughtfully crafted as any other marketing piece that would take weeks to prepare. This is not the stuff for amateurs. 

Our team of day-walkers conduct interviews and capture gorgeous b-roll that is ingested and reviewed at our on-site HQ. Along with lofty stage capture recordings of keynote speeches and maybe even pre-produced graphics or animated sequences, our overnight editing team continues quickly builds out a story of nostalgia. Or impact. Or redemption. Or "hey, look how much money we raised at last night's gala?" Or simply "this was great, let's do it again."

In lieu of a sluggish revisions process, our video-makers rely on their marketing gut to make realtime decisions that will do right by our partner's brand and make for a memorable grand finale.

Because the last day of your event may be the first day of next year's marketing. Kick it off with a bang.

See one of our favorite overnight videso from Retail's Big Show:

Is this something you might like to explore for this fall or 2020?

Drop us a note or call us to learn more, we are happy to provide more details.

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