Portfolio: The Give A Crop Network | LAI Video

#Give A Crop Network

We partnered with CropLife America to launch a nostalgia-powered awareness campaign, complete with animated singing fruits and vegetables, an ag-friendly family sitcom, a Bill Nye-inspired science program, and an in your face and factual street interview show. These videos recreate a little of the delightfully dated feel of classic TV – but the myths and misconceptions they work to debunk are as timely as ever. 

The Rise of a Network

We've loved working with crop life to deliver always out-of-the-box advocacy campaigns over the years. This time they wanted a campaign that would help wash away the misconceptions about pesticides and GMOs, using just the right balance of facts and fun. Helena, Loiuzou, and Favata pitched a package of videos inspired by the golden age of primetime television programming - think ABC's TGIF or the Saturday morning cartoons. The Result is the throwback-styled #Give A Crop Network - it's a block of informative, funny, content, designed for sharing on today's social networks. 

Variety is Spice of Life

And a unique production challenge Alexandria attacked with gusto. While the PSA flavor is similar throughout, producing a custom animation, two scripted live-action narratives, and an unpredictable man on the street style interview video is one complicated recipe. It's also the kind of endeavor where the LAI Video's team shines. By far the anthem of the campaign, "Rinse me Off," is a perfect example of what we offer as a full-service video agency. To do it, we collaborated with Los Angeles-based songwriters to distill CropLife's message into playful lyrics and craft a melody to inspire rinse-and-repeat viewings. Rob Kramer channeled the famous School House Rock cartoons but added just enough of his own creative voice to create a video that's timeless and informative. 

The Microsite

Every video campaign needs a place to live, and part of our pitch was a rebranded microsite designed to showcase the #Give A Crop Network content, but also provide a fitting location for CropLife America's previous campaigns to live. We created a custom look complete with 80s inspired new wave graphics, and a custom bumper to play between videos to carry home the vintage broadcast theme. As a hub for CropLife's member "agvocates" the website also features a live feed of social posts that use the campaign hashtags, a resource page with custom campaign gifs, and a blog roll with the latest news to empower Ag advocacy.