Portfolio: Introducing WorxWell | LAI Video

Introducing WorxWell

We re-partnered with Real Estate Arts on a new and timely project for RXR Realty, a major player in the NYC area commercial real estate market. In this sleek promo, we take a behind-the-scenes look at WorxWell — a suite of digital and physical tools designed to help property owners and occupiers meet the evolving demands of the modern worker. Bending gorgeous cinematography and sleek graphic overlays, the final piece shows off a truly impressive suite of real estate solutions in a video that works as effortlessly as its subject.

Looking beyond back to the office

The is, first and foremost, a product showcase. As office real estate began to emerge from a pandemic-induced hibernation, RXR Realty ramped up the promotion of its WorxWell system. This comprehensive solution helps landlords and occupants meet the needs of the moment and help businesses and workers adapt and thrive in new normal. Filmed on location in Manhattan at the first RXR property to implement the full suite of tools, we set out to take an in-depth look at the architecture, technology, and design ethos behind WorxWell

Designed for people, by people

Our fluid camera motion in nearly every b-roll shot complements the scale and atmosphere of each interior, focusing not on the ingenious modular floor-plan or signature technological features, but rather on the people using the space. We chose a warm and inviting pallet when color grading the final piece: this isn't the fluorescent-lit space of the past, but rather a workspace built to help you relax, get in the zone, and get things done.

Approachable expertise

 Choosing to use interviews rather than scripted voiceover to drive the narrative helps to reinforce that people — the occupants — are the center of the WorxWell experience. The interview format is a venue to feature diverse and distinctly credible voices at every turn — in this case, RXR Realty's Chairman and CEO alongside a cast of notable architects, brokers, and leasing experts. It's the obvious choice for showcasing a product that's all about creating the perfect environment for people to connect and collaborate.

Motion design that just worx

To reinforce key messages without overwhelming our cinematographer's clean framing, we used a minimalist approach to graphic design, mirroring the graceful interiors and UI platforms used throughout the WorxWell suite of tools. And to capture the versatility of WorxWell's Flex Zone, we added life-like 3D renders of the floor plans that parallel our tracking shots on-site, creating a behind-the-scenes featurette video that is just as seamless as the product itself — a self-aware, harmonious blend of form and function.