Portfolio: Checkmarx Product Ads | LAI Video

Checkmarx Product Ads

LAI Video felt like the cool kids in town, partnering with the tech startup, Checkmarx, on its two new product ads. Launching new security apps for software developers, Checkmarx wanted something beyond the typical explainer video. They wanted Google meets anime meets Tron. And we dug that. But how do you tell the story of open source vulnerabilities in two 30 second commercials?

The Case For Animation

From Google and Meta to Visa and McDonalds, every slick new app gets a slick new animated promo. These short, super-stylized ads whimsically translates what can be abstract functions into totally relatable (and essential) services. Having just revamped its visual brand, Checkmarx saw this new promotional campaign as the perfect opportunity to show how the company was different. 

Check Marks the Spot

Inspired by the visuals of sci-fi movies and cyber punk games, Megan, Alexandria and Loizou explored how we could create an immersive metaphor that shows viewers the inner workings of software. As creative director, Rob built two 3D worlds that are less dystopic and more fluorescent, featuring Checkmarx robots that scan for infrastructural threats. Harmlessly humming about in the background, these mechanical arms and orb-like patrols help personify Checkmarx as a nearly-invisible yet essential presence for ensuring safe, clean code. The final ads debuted at a major tech convention and continue to make its mark on the software community.