Portfolio: Provider Bridge Promo | LAI Video

Provider Bridge Promo

The Federation of State Medical Boards worked with us to promote Provider Bridge, a new tool for streamlining the mobilization of health care professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic and future public health emergencies. Using deft motion design and fully animated character scenes, we created a video that defines the tool and illustrates its ease-of-use in an equally accessible viewing experience.

Prescription: More Animation

Over the years, LAI Video has enjoyed partnering with FSMB on animated videos that bring healthcare concepts down-to-earth for regular people (like medical licensure compacts or a nationwide database of disciplinary actions). So when FSMB approached us to introduce a new tool for healthcare professionals stretched thin by the pandemic, our team of designers and motionographers were ready to expand the growing visual language that we’ve been developing with FSMB for years. 

Crossing the Bridge

Susy, Favata and Victoria — the team’s creative trust — recognized that our strategy would require a careful balancing act: one that would speak candidly about the challenges facing medical professionals, but would also address the seriousness of the crisis at hand. This was done through an expert explainer video. Tiffany and Mike worked together to establish a cool, subdued palette that would highlight the serious medical subject matter. Central objects were anchored in the frame, morphing from problem to solution as the surrounding scene swirled through time and space.

Providing the Right Dose. And Some Smaller Ones, Too

As the project’s creative director, Favata provided original character design, reworking classic clinical figures with a textured and almost whimsical accent. Rob animated the video, drawing viewers in with zooming 2D/3D transitions and bold juxtapositions that fully realized Justin’s script — a heavily connected yet seamless world where healthcare professionals can provide life-saving support from anywhere in the country. That same script was drafted to be broken out into smaller, 30-second excerpts, which FSMB used as teasers to drive health care practitioners to the Provider Bridge website.