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Advocacy Video Campaigns

Move your supporters to action with LAI Video’s advocacy campaigns. With deep association experience, our strategic video communications resonate with key advocates and place your organization in front of decision-makers. From key ballot issues to overall strategy, ensure your voice influences policy on all levels.

Advocacy videos are crucial tools for inspiring change, capturing emotion, and drawing attention to key topics. We’ve helped motivate voters and influence government officials, all with the right message and placement. When considering your advocacy strategy, LAI Video will carry your issue to national influence. Make your voice heard with LAI Video. 

So, whose support do you need? Explore LAI Video’s targeted advocacy solutions below and see how we move your audience to action. 

Policy Explainers

When key issues are up for debate, make sure your supporters know what’s at stake. Policy explainers break down complex arguments into simple information, calling upon your audience for urgency and support. Often animated, these videos are very effective when speaking directly to voters. Paired with our digital advertising, you can advocate on all policy levels and protect your interests with popular support.

On the right, see how we helped National Automobile Dealer's Association advocate against key policy.

Political Campaigns

Spotlight your hard work and rally support for all to see. Political campaigns rely on transparency and issue-based advocacy to attract supporters, and LAI Video presents your message clearly, effectively, and powerfully. Our videos help organizations raise funds, target key demographics, and advocate for the issues that matter most.

Watch to see how we Farm Credit Council spread the message of its Farm Credit Mission.

Association Fly-Ins

Unite your members and draw attention from top representatives with LAI Video’s Fly-In videos. With both promotional and on-site content, your fly-in won’t just be another meeting, it will be a can’t-miss affair. We’ve helped associations activate members of congress, educate attendees with insightful video, and spark powerful collaborations. Let’s make your next fly-in one for the books.

Watch our fly-in promotional video with longtime partner, Farm Credit Council.

Capitol Hill Advocacy

When it comes to congress, LAI Video knows how to get your voice heard. Our Washington, D.C. location helps us communicate with representatives and understand the inner-workings of our federal government. If you need to push policy through the house or speak to members to the senate, our videos will reach the stakeholders in key seats. If your issue is nationwide, work with LAI Video to enact your legislation.

Consider our work with Women in Government Relations on the left.  


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Video is crucial to rallying support and reaching the influencers that matter. Let's work together.

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