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Branding Video Production

No one knows your brand better than you. From your logo and company colors to your typeface and online tone, your brand is the inspiration behind it all. And we’re ready to make it sizzle with goodness through a brand identity video.

Identity Video Branding

The beauty of our brand identity videos are that they convey your story and mission in an emotionally compelling way. See a couple of our brand video production examples:

  • The List Spotlights: Our partnership with the NRF Foundation gave us the opportunity to shoot two deep-dive featurettes that highlighted the incredible winners of the Foundation’s Inaugural Gala.
  • #Give a Crop: This brand identity video for CropLife America delivered humor while encouraging a dialogue about pesticide use. It even featured costumes designed by an LAI Video cosplayer. Talk about original!

When it comes to branding, you’ve got endless and exhilarating possibilities to boost your brand awareness strategy when you’re paired with our winning team. 

Share Your Brand. Spread The Word.

Your brand and customer’s relationship status is the sum of all their interactions with each other. When you move up on your client’s friends list, that translates to better business. Just look at the stats:

  • Around 21% of consumers purchase an item because it’s from a brand they like
  • About 38% of people recommend brands they like or follow on social media
  • A whopping 64% of subscribers will open emails from brands they trust

Mix that with the power of video and you have a compelling formula for making a brand identity video. And when you make it sticky, your consumers will stop playing so hard to get. So, prepare your website or let us set up a microsite for you, because an influx of traffic is heading your way.

See how we built a microsite for our client to roll out a new branding video campaign to launch an advocacy initiative.

Your Next Brand Identity Video

At LAI Video, we build brands. And with the help of our creative and innovative producers and animators, we can brainstorm, craft, and create the tools for you to communicate your brand.

Whether you’re searching for stylish motion graphics or in-depth live-action shoots, you can count on us to deliver on the tightest of production timelines with a video simmering in creative and original ideas. See how we are handling in-person filming in this new environment.

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