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Storytelling For Marketing

How do you promote an all-expense paid study abroad program? Think outside the box! That’s what our team of nerds did when creating a film for the DC Public Schools’ Study Abroad program. Instead of only conducting interviews, we set out to tell a story. With the help of the students, we shared not only theirs but an even bigger one: The impact of studying abroad.

That’s the power of using storytelling for marketing.

Why Storytelling Marketing?

Thanks to data that shows storytelling marketing is not only more persuasive, but also more valuable to audiences, more marketers are adopting it. That’s the power of stories—they’re entertaining, plus influential.

Add in the fact that almost half of viewers act after watching a video, and you have a winning combination. And for us, that’s a pretty persuasive reason to get excited about a video marketing campaign.

Possibilities of Short Film Marketing

Some stories can’t be told in 30 seconds or less. Short film marketing gives you—and your audience—time to dig deep. It also offers you a lot of different possibilities when it comes to your marketing video’s production, including:

  • Creating a product marketing video that reveals the long days and nights of testing and development
  • Producing a video marketing campaign that highlights a career in high demand, but with limited supply
  • Developing a film that shares the impact your services have on customers and the community

Show your company’s colors across social media with storytelling marketing. With our talented and award-winning team on your side, we can help you create an effective video marketing campaign to capture viewers. 


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