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Documentary-Style Video

A documentary-style (or docu-style) video campaign boils down to a memorable, emotional video experience.

What Is A Documentary-Style Video?

The documentary-style video has become an immensely effective way to communicate new processes, promote great causes, or share big news at your company. They can also be used to recognize, celebrate, and honor those special individuals that are going above and beyond.

At LAI Video, we partner with a variety of different clients to produce video campaigns that share the impact their services and products have on both their customers and the community. Our team is always discovering new and innovative ways to bring our client's creative visions to life through powerful and unique documentary-style video campaigns.

Our team has excelled at capturing unscripted and informative stories through candid interview videos. By identifying and highlighting the humanity in our subjects, we're able to tap into those real human interactions, raw emotions, and seemingly mundane moments that often go overlooked, ignored, or cut out in the editing process, to deliver more profound and poignant products for clients.

We laugh together, we cry together, and we always strive to capture heartfelt, authentic moments.

Cinematic Reality

We have a variety of tools and techniques that will enable our documentary-style videography to tailor your content to meet and exceed your unique goals and objectives. For example, something as simple as incorporating a Steadicam into a standard two-camera interview, or utilizing an automated camera slider can add another layer of visual interest and dimension to your video.  

In documentary filmmaking, content leads the way, but we make sure that our captured content has a level of polish meant for the silver screen.

We are entering the Undeniable Golden Age of documentary filmmaking. With streaming services quenching the millennials appetite for authentic storytelling, we’ve seen video watch times dramatically rise. Good stories presented with a cinematic flare can have a YouTube audience watching far beyond the 90-second benchmark of yesteryear.

Every 40 seconds a stroke radically changes a person's life. Check out our feature-length documentary film, A Teachable Moment, on Amazon Prime.

Incorporating Animation

Sometimes cinematic documentary footage alone isn’t enough. In this case, we turn the creativity dial up to 11 with educational animated segments. Whether it’s a science-based documentary that incorporates animation like the following video below:

Or, it is an educational segment that needs an extra visual aid like this video:

Animation is an extremely effective tool that we often employ in documentary-style videos to give them a competitive edge.

Animation gives your audience an extra boost that might be the critical element in helping them to better understand and grasp the important concepts you are trying to convey. It also helps to ensure that your audience remembers your message long after they engage with your content.

Your Documentary Filmmaking Team

The LAI Video team is a well-oiled machine of creativity and productivity. Our crews come in all shapes and sizes, but we always aim for efficiency. A producer, a director of photography, and a cinematographer. This keeps it feeling intimate. Casual. So conversation flows and the messaging feels natural.

And, did we mention how efficient we are?

Whether it’s a one-, two-, or three-day shoot, we can create:

  • A new video series or a comprehensive case study
  • Additional content that can tease or extend a campaign—think photos with quotes or statistics overlaid, or social media content to promote your cause!
  • The beginning of a robust visual library that is uniquely yours—say goodbye to stock footage and hello to custom imagery that only your brand can use! (“Look Mom! I’m on TV!”)

Your audience is trained. They are smart and savvy buyers who can spot a scripted message a mile away. But LAI Video can help you to discover your brand's unique and authentic voice and inject those more human elements into your messaging to ensure it resonates with your intended audience in a more effective manner.

You can start by looking at the real characters and true stories inside your brand. Together, we can brainstorm the best way to inject life into those characters and stories and create content around them in a more human way for and with your audience. 

Want to connect with your audience on a deeper, more meaningful level? LAI Video can help! We’ll partner with you to launch new brand messaging to introduce your customers to the real humans behind your brand through a new documentary-style video campaign.

Ready to take the next step? Simply reach out to our team to see how we can help you to bring your story to life and create deeper connections with your customers and prospects.

To get in touch with a member of our team to learn more or to discuss any of your video or marketing campaign needs right away, you can also either fill out the form at the bottom of this page, call us at 202-416-4660, email us at, or live chat with one of our experts online.