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Promotional Video Production

Stuck with stale brand videos and in desperate need of something a little more inspiring for your corporate promos? You’re in luck! Our award-winning promotional video production company team at LAI Video agency is here to build the creative promotional video you need.

How Are You Communicating Your Brand?

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Our corporate business video production services focus on creating top-notch media that knocks your message goals out of the park and leaves your audiences smiling and maybe even a little teary-eyed. As a video production company, we want to learn the big picture and the tiny details of your company as well as your vision for your business videos. And if you’re unsure of what you’re after, we have a creative cache of examples of corporate promos to inspire your digital marketing strategy.

Why Promotional Video Productions?

Creative promotional videos not only tell your story, they show it. They can highlight your:

  • Mission
  • Advocacy
  • Staff
  • Services
  • Impact
  • And more

Demand for these creative promotional videos among companies is high — and for good reason. A top-notch corporate promotional video can knock your messaging goals out of the park, while leaving your audiences smiling and maybe even a little teary-eyed. 

With a corporate promotional video, you can do a little shameless self-promotion, a celebration of what your company means, and a highlight of your team’s accomplishments to bring awareness to your organization and drive action and results.

Who Are Promotional Videos For?

For Current Employees: A corporate promotional video is a great way to communicate new processes, programs, or internal resources for employees through informative training videos. Plus, you can give a thumbs-up to the people that are setting your company’s standards and going above and beyond in their work.

Our partnership with A Wider Circle is one example of our video production team’s effective promotional videos for employees. Watch the A Wider Circle staff tribute video we created, through which, we’ve given the people who embody the organization’s mission the chance to see all they’ve accomplished through their hard work.  

For Any Audience: You’re more than your products or services. With corporate promotional videos, you can capture your company—and its people—in an unforgettable and moving snapshot for your target audience, from potential talent and consumers to staff, stakeholders, and clients.

For Clients: Use corporate promotional or branded video to boil your value down to a simple, memorable visual experience. It gives you the chance to say what you want to say about your company and deliver the perfect message to drive business results.

The video example of our #GiveaCrop marketing campaign for CropLife America was a branding and promotional effort that aimed to start a conversation among consumers about the myths surrounding the crop protection industry by using the power of laughter, courtesy of some slapstick comedy and a side of innuendoes among farmers.

For Recruitment: If you are in human resources, you know that today’s businesses are at war for highly skilled employees. Our corporate video company lets you dictate the conversation through recruitment videos. Let your recruitment video challenge everyone’s assumptions. Showcase your business in a whole new way to attract the best and brightest young minds.

The Amazon Best Fit Job Match video campaign is one of our favorite examples of how we’ve collaborated with our clients to elevate their recruiting promo videos. The series of video ads candidly captures the day-to-day experience of software development engineer II at Amazon, while highlighting the juggernaut’s one-of-a-kind approach to recruitment.

Another example is our I Am a CFP Pro project. Using “day-in-in-the-life” stories, we created a series of compelling corporate promos to get Millennials pumped about a career in financial planning.

Dwyer Video Shoot

DCPS Redesign Documentary Shoot

The Role of Promotional Video Productions

Producing a creative promotional video can create a pretty hefty workload for in-house teams. And that can make people sizzle—and not in a good way.

The dilemma of supply and demand is solved with our promotional video company and its posse. The advantage of choosing a promotional video production company is that you’re relieving your team of a huge workload, plus getting access to creative promotional videos and industry-leading corporate video production services that are compelling, slick, and make your audiences say, “Wow!”

With the kind of reaction and connection promotional video production can generate , you can expect some serious shares and retweets.


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People are hungry—or should we say #hangry—for high-quality visual content, including your creative promotional videos and corporate promos. Just look at the stats:

  • Long-form video advertising has completion rates of 93%
  • Branded video views are up 73%
  • YouTube receives visits from 85% of adults—more than Facebook or Twitter

Traffic for video is also expected to increase, which is why 76% of business-to-business marketers are putting their eggs in video marketing’s basket. So, where should you put yours? Judging by the numbers above, we’re going to say creating promotional video productions is the way to go.

The LAI Video Difference

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Working with LAI Video ensures you’ll have a partner that will manage every aspect of the video production process to help you complete a successful video marketing campaign. From creative corporate promos and hard-hitting sizzle reels to feature-length documentaries, video ads, and explainer videos, our promo video production company conceptualizes and produces highly polished marketing videos that give your brand a voice and captivate the masses. Our video agency team has collaborated with leading associations, organizations, and corporations across various industries on their video projects, including Amazon, the U.S. Department of State, and many more. When partnering with LAI Video, your video production cost guarantees industry-leading video quality and best-in-class production work and production value.

Read this blog for a detailed breakdown of how much it costs to make a promotional video with a corporate video production company.

Get Started With LAI Video

Whether you have an idea or a fleshed-out storyboard, our award-winning team is ready to talk about your cinematic vision for your creative promotional videos. With a convenient location in Washington, DC, we’re available to discuss your next corporate promotional video with you over the phone or meet up with you to get the scoop on your company and help with your promo video production.

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