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Promotional Video Production

Stuck with a stale video and in desperate need of something a little more inspiring? You’re in luck! Our award-winning promotional video production company team at LAI Video is here to build the creative promotional video you need.

Why Promotional Video Productions?

Creative promotional videos not only tell your story, they show it. They can highlight your:

  • Mission
  • Advocacy
  • Staff
  • Services
  • Impact
  • And more

Demand for these creative promotional videos is high, which is good, but they have a catch. They create a pretty hefty workload for in-house teams. And that can make people sizzle—and not in a good way.

The Role of Promotional Video Productions

The dilemma of supply and demand is solved with our promotional video company and its posse. The advantage of choosing a promotional video production company is that you’re relieving your team of a huge workload, plus getting access to creative promotional videos that are compelling, have a slick production, and make your audiences say, “Wow!”

With that kind of reaction and connection, you can expect some serious shares and retweets.


People are hungry—or should we say #hangry—for high-quality visual content, including your creative promotional videos. Just look at the stats:

  • Long-form video advertising has completion rates of 93%
  • Branded video views are up 73%
  • YouTube receives visits from 85% of adults—more than Facebook or Twitter

Traffic for video is also expected to increase, which is why 76% of business-to-business marketers are putting their eggs in video marketing’s basket. So, where should you put yours? Judging by the numbers above, we’re going to say creating promotional video productions is the way to go.

Get Started With LAI Video

Whether you have an idea or a fleshed-out storyboard, our award-winning team is ready to talk about your cinematic vision for your creative promotional videos. With a convenient location in Washington, DC, we’re available to chat with you over the phone or meet up with you to get the scoop on your company and help with your promo video production.

Contact us by filling out the form below, or calling 202-416-4660 to start your promotional video production.