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Thanks to Pixar, no one has to outgrow their love for animated videos. Not that we ever did. And with the production of animated videos on the rise, you can unleash your imagination.

The Rise Of Animated Marketing Video Productions

Internet surfers aren’t shy about it—43% of viewers want more videos from marketers, which is why more than half, or 51.9%, of all marketing professionals vote videos the best return on investment (ROI).

Our animated marketing video productions also come with a set of bonuses, including:

  • A format for breaking down complex concepts
  • A medium for emphasizing statistics and data
  • A platform for showing microscopic or unseen items

Let’s not forget that marketing video animation also gives you freedom. Maybe you want a “March of the Penguins” kind of production, but this year’s budget is holding back your cinematic dreams. With our team and animated features, we won’t let your cinematic vision—or those fluffy penguins—disappear.

Highlight Reel Of Animated Marketing Videos

When it comes to animated marketing videos, let’s just say our team’s been around the block. We’re experienced in animated video productions, as demonstrated by our hefty portfolio. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Economics of Metals: This animated web video production highlighted meaningful — and memorable — factoids about the metal industry. And the infographic-inspired feature included an original design and motion graphics.
  • ITI Decodes: When the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) needed help breaking down the complicated details of tech, they came to us. The result was an animated video marketing campaign that became the go-to wiki-resource.
  • A Dream of Safety: This animated video production is the product of the creative input from our client, the National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee. Instead of going down the route of talking heads, we took the animated path for an engaging and visual story.

With the exceptional caliber of talent at LAI Video, you can count on us to exceed your expectations.

Cast Your Video Animation Production Company

At LAI Video, we like to call our team the Nerds. Why? Because they’re the best in the industry, which is why our video and animation production company stands out from everyone else. 

So, if you’re looking to set your organization apart, our team can help by creating a memorable animated video those other guys won’t see coming.

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