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Events Video Production

Hosting a live or virtual event and exploring ways you can enhance it and create a more seamless experience for your attendees? Let us help with your event video production! No one gets as excited as we do when it comes to live event video production.

Types of Event Video Productions

When it comes to events, we’re seasoned pros and can create a range of videos for events, including:

  • Event marketing videos & promos
  • Tribute videos
  • Speaker introductions
  • Award videos
  • On-site recaps

That doesn’t mean we won’t ask questions, though. We’re curious about what you want, from your vision and budget to your desired reaction from the crowd both in the room and online. Knowing your goals lets us get onboard with your ideas, plus help you level them up for that “wow” factor.

Now that many events have turned virtual, there is an even bigger need for powerful event videos that create and bring continuity and polish to your live event. As you think about your event content, event continuity, and event promotion, these videos are now an essential part of the virtual live event production.

Results From Event Videos

Today, the camera’s mightier than the pen, which means event video productions are now offering something that text, from blog posts to press releases, can’t—supercharged results and audience engagement.

Our brains process imagery 60,000 times faster than text. Take that in for a minute. Now, consider that 80% of people remember the videos they watch, and almost half of them take action afterward. Another bonus is for live event videos—80% of audiences prefer them over blog posts.

Think of how you can use that to your advantage! In a good, superhero kind of way, that is. 

Why Live Event Video Production

Event video production gives your organization the tools to step up your event, trade show, or conference. Live event video production requires a team of experienced producers and cinematographers who know how to capture those impactful moments in an artful way. 

What events do we produce videos for at our event video production company? A few include:

  • Awards
  • Conferences
  • Anniversary or gala celebrations
  • Trade shows

We have worked on NFA - Retail's Big Show and IFA - The Franchising convention to exemplify their trades. Check out more of these examples of trade show video production.

Uses of Event Video Production

Event video productions gives you a multitude of opportunities. So, what can you do with all that footage? 

Let’s imagine the possibilities of videos for events:

  • Create a full-scale corporate event video. Use our event video production company’s award-winning team to create a video that has some character. It may be a corporate event, but your event video doesn’t have to be “corporate.”
  • Build a conference video library. With our event video productions, nobody misses out on the fun anymore. Call on us for our conference and trade show video productions and we’ll record and edit seminars, panel discussions, presentations, and more.
  • Release clips on social media. Let our content help you climb the social media ladder. Share video snippets of your event on Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter and get the retweets and shares you deserve with our high-quality event video productions.
  • Advertise for next year. It's never too early to start thinking about next year. Share those never-before-seen clips from your trade show or conference, and bask in the likes, shares, and retweets while getting audiences pumped for next year.

Produce My Event Production Videos

The best events create deep wells of motivation and purpose. When people bring those feelings back with them, they have the power to fuel the fires of change. At LAI Video, we’re ready to help you ignite the spark. 

Contact us today and share the vision for your next trade show video production or virtual live event video production with our team of markers and creators today by filling out the form at the bottom of the page or clicking the link below.