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Motion Graphics Production

Say goodbye to whiteboard videos and hello to motion graphics. If Pixar’s taught us anything, the market for animation and motion graphics production is strong. At LAI Video, we are strong with the motion graphics video production Force.

Motion Graphics for Marketing—Your Secret Weapon

You already know that video is king—in fact, more than half of all marketing pros find that video provides the best return on investment (ROI), whether live action or motion graphics. We’ve discovered that marketing motion graphics offer some added benefits, including:

  • Make complex topics simple. When it comes to statistic-driven subjects, it’s a challenge for viewers to keep up. With motion graphics, you can break down those complicated issues into simpler terms. In some cases, you can even spruce up drier topics.
  • Be creative without the cost. For motion graphics video productions, the sky is the limit. Whether you want a fly from the Wild West or an Adult Swim-inspired robot, our team can deliver. And don’t worry, we can do more serious and realistic motion graphics, too.
  • Recycle across channels. With their cartoon format plus GIF potential, motion graphics are made for sharing. Post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to drive interest, likes, and redirects to your all-star microsite.

Motion Graphics For Marketing—Our Highlight Reel

When it comes to producing videos for motion graphics, it’s not our first rodeo. Our team has worked on a series of marketing motion graphics for a range of industries, from tech to insurance.

A few of our favorite experiences include:

  1. Landing On Your FeetWe tackled the topic of life insurance head-on with this statistic-infused video. With an engaging narrative as well as attention-grabbing angles, our team transformed life insurance from an elusive subject into a solid concept.
  2. Intro To FranchisingOur nerds showed off their dedication to research with this stylish motion graphic video, which delves into everything from multi-unit franchising to pre-sale disclosure requirements through an engaging demonstration.

Got an itch to see more of our video productions for motion graphics? Take a peek at more of the goodies in our portfolio!

Get Your Motion Graphics Production In Motion

At LAI Video, we’ve got a passion for creating eye-catching videos that leave viewers hitting the share button. With our team of motion graphics-savvy connoisseurs on your side, you can count on making an impression on your audience.

Ready to get your motion graphics production in motion? LAI Video can help! Contact our team today.

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