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IDWeek Event Content

First-time LAI Video partner the Infectious Diseases Society of America came to us with a tall order: produce a wide range of content both before and at the 2022 IDWeek meeting, an 8,000+ person gathering of clinicians, students, and researchers of infectious diseases science. Its an already-important field that has become a focus of daily national conversation since the last in-person IDWeek in 2019. Although they were still offering a virtual version of the conference, IDSA sought promotional content that would encourage potential attendees to attend the live event, reassuring them that the hosting organizations were going above and beyond in terms of COVID safety, while also re-energizing a membership that has had an eventful three years, to say the least.

Virtual or In-Person? There’s One Right Answer

So how do you convince a diverse group of scientists that they should attend the in-person IDWeek instead of the virtual option? Melinda and Loizou knew we had to begin by acknowledging the tremendous amount of time, blood, sweat, and tears that went into pandemic research. From there, we stressed the value of hallway meetings, chats over appetizers, and contact info exchanged after a lecture. Following a brainstorm with Sarah and Tiffany, Justin crafted a script that spoke to the highly specific audience, and Anthony utilized footage from IDWeek 2019 to build a video positioning the event as both a meaningful reunion and a turning point. The 60-second piece was also cut down into shorter versions for easier social distribution.

Acknowledging the Moment (but Looking Forward is Cool, too)

Once we finally got everyone in a room together (masked, of course – these are infectious disease doctors), we kicked off IDWeek with a memorable video that grabbed attention and celebrated the groups collective successes. Justin wrote another elegant script recognizing the weight of the moment. We carefully sourced the right stock visuals that looked authentic while working with our narrative before we could properly capture original content at the event itself.

Filming and Starting the New Marketing Cycle

Throughout the event, IDSA wanted to push a steady stream of videos on social. On-site our crew captured the sights, sounds (including scenes from a musical about the invention of penicillin), and dancing Presidents of IDWeek. Donovan kept the camera constantly in motion with the help of our Ronin stabilization system. Anthony and Rob shared editing duties, turning in a stunning amount of content over five days – a total of thirteen videos. Anthony cut together shorter pieces fro Twitter and Instagram that highlighted key moments from each day. Rob put together the big recap that debuted at the events closing plenary: a comprehensive look at the week, rounded out with person on the street” testimonials, powerful soundbites from industry leaders, and of course – the joy of seeing a long overdue, industry-wide homecoming.