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Industries We Serve

LAI Video’s award-winning team brings decades of experience producing powerful videos and compelling digital communications campaigns for clients—both big and small—across the country. Our storytelling is unique in that we work with many audiences and industries. Our inherent curiosity drives us to become temporary authorities on a variety of specialized fields.

Take a look at our industry spotlights to catch a glimpse of the different approaches we have developed with each client engagement across a myriad of different industries that are investing in video marketing. See the industries with great results from video marketing below.


Bank regulation. Securities. Multistate licensing. Financial technology (fintech). Our financial services videos explain complex concepts in a way that’s right on the money.


Whether it’s to raise awareness about a new student program or to spotlight teaching excellence, these videos showcase what’s possible when we invest in students and educators.


Our manufacturing videos humanize an industry that can so often be boiled down to dated imagery of gears and cogs.


These healthcare-focused videos may examine one of the most emotional and personal topics, but our team’s creative approaches aren’t always somber. Our healthcare videos share knowledge to improve health outcomes and save lives.

Real Estate

Today, real estate is about so much more than location, location, location. Our real estate videos shed a light on the forces shaping this ever-evolving industry.


Embracing our Washington, DC headquarters, our team produces advocacy videos that empower viewers to raise their voice, cast their vote, shape a movement, and leave their mark. 


By inventing custom visual languages and scripts, our team develops tech videos to pitch ideas, build brands and decode the industry’s most unwieldy topics.

Non-Profit Organizations

These videos help non-profit organizations inspire new audiences, raise awareness, gain support, and make a lasting difference in the world.

Spotlight Your Industry

Reach out to our team today to hear how we can find your industry’s hidden stories and bring them to life through compelling video campaigns. We'd love to share about industries that have seen great results from video marketing to help brainstorm ideas.

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