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Video Shoot Safety Guidelines

LAI Video is committed to keeping our team and our clients healthy (speaking of which, have you had any water today?). Therefore, utilizing all the current info available to us we've created these guidelines to ensure everyone on-site is operating in the safest way possible. Take a look through this document if you're considering a shoot with us and arm yourself with knowledge. Hope to work with you safely, very soon.

Pre-Shoot Checklist

Complete Our Health Screening Form

All participants of the in-person filming session are required to complete this brief health screening form within 24 hours of the video shoot. Please let us know immediately if any of the participants are exposed to or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. 

Please complete the form here.

Monitor Your Temperature

For 2 running days up to the shoot and on the morning of the shoot. While fever is not the only indicator of COVID-19, it is a good indicator that you are ill and should not attend a shoot! All crew and cast members should conduct temperature checks prior to filming.

Pack a Disinfectant Bag

With the following items for use on-set:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant spray or wipes
  • Disposable bags for reusable masks
  • Latex/nitrile gloves for use when disinfecting items (not for all day use)

Plan to Take a Car

It's best to avoid public transportation as much as possible!

If you must take public transportation, make sure to utilize your disinfectant bag before and after your trip.

Choose the Right Shoot Location

Safe practice requires 6ft. distance between people.

Keep reading for more info on how to calculate whether your space is large enough for the amount of participants and crew members you will have on your shoot!

Things to Consider: Choosing a Shoot Location


Locations require a minimum amount of usable space—meaning there are no immovable fixtures or furniture blocking the area—to maintain proper social distance. For any active crew members or talent, the minimum space per person is 113 ft2. For any non-active crew members or people in attendance, they need a minimum of 50 ft2. All of this is determined by CDC’s guideline of staying a minimum of 6ft apart.


So, for example, a 4-person crew of 2 Cinematographers, 1 Producer, and 1 person as talent requires a minimum of 452 ft2 of shoot space or a 21.25 x 21.5 ft room. A 5-person crew, with 2 Cinematographers, 1 Producer, 1 person as talent, and 1 person required by the client, requires 502 ft2 or a 22.5 x 22.5 ft. room. Always aspire to meet more than the minimum of space required.


Areas where the air stagnates can allow the virus to hang in the air longer. Try finding a location where you can open up doors or windows to promote air flow. Also, try to lower the use of A/C when possible, re-circulated air has been shown to be a cause of spread in cases where someone is able to transmit a high viral load.


Studies have shown that well circulating air and sunshine (aka UV rays) you get outdoors are proven to aid in lowering the transmission of the coronavirus. While you will still need to observe distancing, mask usage, and group size guidelines— you might find yourself breathing a little easier if everyone is outdoors.


  1. Be patient. Take your time.
    Take extra time to follow all precautionary measures and guidelines. We will be budgeting extra time for all shoots during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Non-essential personnel should not attend the shoot.
    In order to limit unnecessary exposure, anyone who is not directly helping with the shoot should not attend. The number of essential personnel should not exceed the CDC recommended group size of six If non-essential stakeholders would like to oversee production, we can set up an iPad with facetime so that they may virtually attend!
  3. Wear a mask.
    Only on-screen talent will be permitted to remove their masks during filming.
  4. Keep your distance.
    Do not touch equipment and try to keep at least six feet between you and all other personnel as possible. If you would like to see the video image being captured during the shoot, please notify your producer beforehand so we can set up a separate monitor for you to view at a safe distance.
  5. Be aware.
    Replace high fives and handshakes with a friendly wave or squirt of hand sanitizer. Wipe down any items that are acquired while on-site or handed between people before interacting with them and wash your hands often. Gloves are NOT recommended.


Throw Away

All disposable disinfectants and single-use face masks.


Directly after finishing the shoot and also before AND after removing your face mask.


In your disposable bag once you are off-site.

This is to minimize the amount of items and surfaces your now-contaminated mask comes in contact with.


And any reusable face masks.

This should be done immediately upon returning home!


Keys, handbag—anything that was exposed on-site.


Please notify us immediately if any participants from the video shoot:

  • Experience COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days
  • Test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days
  • Learn about a COVID-19 exposure that occurred before the shoot

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