Portfolio: FOX Architects Design Process | LAI Video

The Design Process

As designers ourselves, LAI Video was thrilled to produce a behind-the-scenes featurette for FOX Architects that takes a closer look at the teams' approach to creating spaces. From the initial brainstorms to the Charrette to the client-facing Design Development Meetings, this video invites viewers and prospective clients to see FOX's commitment to community, culture and the creative process. But how do you design a worthy story for storyteller designers?

Our Fair Charrette of the Task

When invited to visit FOX's Washington DC headquarters, we were immediately immersed by the firm's design soul. FOX crafted a highly-collaborative physical space where their team can comfortably dream up other physical spaces for their clients. Susy, Melinda and Loizou fleshed out a featurette concept -- a short film that explores how these beautiful buildings and interiors are the product of a very specific design process. Using an actual client as a case study, we followed the development milestones of a typical project, most notably featuring the internal Charrette --- a throw-spaghetti-on-the-wall internal brainstorm -- and the Design Development Meeting -- a client presentation hosted at the FOX office.

Defining Space. Defining Brand.

Favata led the on-site crew with cinematographers Jun and De'von capturing these intimate conversations with insert shots that show the devil is often in the details. The video juxtaposes thoughtful interviews from the project's  principal with moments of natural audio from the group brainstorms -- any piece of conversation could make the cut. Tiffany wove together the almost whimsical featurette with a steady, synth-y beat and slow motion shots that reveal the dedication behind these design disciples. Just as FOX avoids imposing a company "style" on their partners, we also strived to create something that was true and exclusive and inevitable for their brand -- something that was the natural end product of a collaboration between a bunch of architects and video storytellers.