Portfolio: FOX Architects Design Process | LAI Video

The Design Process

Across industries, case studies and client testimonials can be a powerful tool to appeal to prospective customers or clients. And perhaps no sector requires as solid a foundation of trust with its clients as the built environment industry. Working with FOX Architects, LAI Video produced a two-part series that presents the breathtaking results of the firm’s collaboration with its longtime partner, MOI. The series invites potential clients to take a closer look at the team’s design philosophy and also serves as a case study of its own on how playing the long-game can be worth the wait.

A Storyteller’s Story

When visiting FOX’s Washington, DC headquarters, we were immediately immersed by the firm’s design soul. FOX crafted a highly collaborative and inviting physical space where their team comfortably dreams up other physical spaces for their clients. This commitment to collaboration, community, and the creative process forms the foundation of FOX’s unique approach to design… and it would also form our own ethos for telling their story. Check out more portfolio pieces on storytelling and learn how effective telling a story is in keeping your audience engaged. 

Our Fair Charette of the Task

In this space, Susy, Melinda, and Loizou drafted a two-part featurette concept. We proposed taking viewers on a design journey: one video would introduce FOX’s design process by depicting a project’s pre-construction milestones – most notably, the internal Charrette brainstorm and client-facing Design Development Meeting – and another would reveal the culmination of this partnership through the construction of the finished office. The two-part strategy would also yield the first video early in the process, providing FOX with new marketing collateral as we developed the second part over a year-and-a-half long construction period (whoa!).

Defining Space. Defining Brand.

With the kick-off of the MOI project, Favata and our cinematographers, Jun and De’von, captured intimate conversations with insert shots that show that the devil is often in the details. As we juxtaposed thoughtful interviews from the project’s principal with natural audio from the Charette and Design Development Meeting, it became clear that any off-the-cuff remark could make the cut. Tiffany wove together the almost whimsical initial featurette with a steady, synth-y beat and slow motion shots that reveal the dedication behind these design disciples. And an approachable interview with FOX’s founder and president introduces the project’s objectives, highlights the company’s competitive advantage, and teases successful results. Check out how to film remote interviews in person!

Let’s Dig In

After laying our blueprints for the MOI design story, our team put on its hard hats. As producer, Alexandria coordinated two on-site shoots – one to capture the installation and another to showcase the completed space. Favata and Jun choreographed time lapse photography and synchronized sliding shots to build before-and-after “reveals.” The team’s follow-up interviews focused more directly on MOI, giving FOX’s end client an opportunity to praise the final product and process – providing a powerful endorsement for the architecture firm and its work. The final case study built a template for FOX to document its projects over lengthy timelines. It also received the 2020 Society of Marketing Professional Services Award of Excellence.