Portfolio: The Franchising Convention | LAI Video

The Franchising Convention

LAI Video, in collaboration with its sister business, LAI Live, worked with the International Franchise Association on IFA2022, its annual convention. In what was our eighth year of partnering with the IFA on its signature show, we continued our work to define the attendee experience in new ways and to sustain the events big reputation with equally big creative firepower.


Embracing new event theming, we created a splashy, one-minute show opener that graphically treats archived b-roll footage to set the conventions vision and bring together a diverse audience into one franchising community. This look previewed the event videos themselves, which offered powerful visuals that filled a custom, edge-blend and multi-screen set. This backdrop served as the defining visual signature of the event, energizing crowds to welcome keynote speakers to the stage and honor awardees.


Since we began working with the IFA, weve enjoyed the opportunity to meet their event vision with new concepts that deliver unique experiences for attendees. Over the years, weve developed promo videos that tout the conventions keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and trade show floor; produced event recaps and Shark Tank-style, NextGen Competition” videos literally overnight; and managed an on-site media booth, where we interviewed speakers live on IFAs Facebook channel. While its a challenge to keep trying to one-up ourselves, weve thrived on the opportunity to create high-energy, visually stimulating videos to immerse attendees, while presenting the IFA brand as the steward of the franchising community.