Portfolio: The Franchising Convention | LAI Video

The Franchising Convention

LAI Video, in partnership with its sister business LAI Live, worked with the International Franchise Association on IFA2019, its annual convention. Developing content both before and during the show, we created unforgettable visuals that defined the attendee experience and thoughtful content that promoted specific initiatives and the IFA brand as the stewards of the franchising community.

From YouTube to Stage

Leading up to the February event, we produced a short promo video that touted the convention’s keynote speakers, trade show floor and Las Vegas destination. Embracing new event theming, the commercial treats archived b-roll with a striking black-and-white filter and lime green flare that boldly describes key information, making for easy, silent playback on Facebook feeds. This look previewed the event videos themselves, which offered powerful visuals that filled a custom, edge-blend and multi-screen set. This backdrop served as the defining visual signature of the event, energizing crowds to welcome keynote speakers to the stage and honor awardees. Most notably, we scripted and storyboarded a one-minute show opener that brought together a diverse audience into one franchise community. 

The Editors that Never Sleep

In Vegas, Alexandria and De’von befriended literally all of the attendees, capturing enough interviews and b-roll (and smiles) to feed two overnight videos. Tiffany’s NextGen Finalists piece summarized the Shark Tank-style NextGen competition, where ambitious franchise entrepreneurs pitched their propositions to win $10,000. Rob’s definitive recap highlighted the size and scope of the convention itself. Both videos played on the final day of the event, positioned as two can’t-miss grand finale acts that sent attendees home feeling heart-warmed and satisfied. Additionally, Stephanie produced ongoing segments at our media booth, which featured the host of Leading Authorites' "Speaking Of..." podcast, Maddie Glading, who interviewed speakers live on IFA’s Facebook channel.