Portfolio: An Independent Consumer | LAI Video

An Independent Consumer

LAI Video was thrilled to work with the National Grocers Association (NGA) on a new series that features independent grocery stores serving some seriously fresh ideas. Taking viewers across the country, these video episodes focused on a variety of retail topics, including store layout, home delivery, and sourcing local foods—the stuff that everyday people are hungry for.

Beginning With The End Customer

When devising a follow-up to our first spotlight video series with NGA, we started with the consumer—the moms and dads and young people and old folks who swear by their community grocery stores. Why choose independent over the big supermarket chains? Better customer service? More affordable products? The food tastes better? We poured over a recently completed survey and proposed videos that featured geographically-diverse stores that support their communities in surprisingly innovative ways.

From Jet-Setting To Table Setting

Sarah Wides, LAI Video's producer and project manager, led a team of video-makers and food enthusiasts to three distinct locations, reinforcing the notion that independent grocery stores exist everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. Focusing on a specific angle or retail "edge" in each episodes, the case study videos go beyond the talking staff members and beautiful b-roll of store aisles—by physically following the shopper back to their homes. To showcase Wright's "Wright 2 U" delivery service, we waited in the homes of their patrons to get to know the people who prefer and rely upon this high-touch feature. LAI Video's Senior Creative Director, James Favata, directed these multi-location shoots with the help of LAI Video's talented team of video-makers, which included Tiffany Lewis, Anthony Jacoway, and De'von Wellesley, finding unique ways to depict these grocers as pillars of their respective communities. The three-part video series debuted at the 2018 NGA Show, inspiring the audience and prompting subsequent panels that discussed the future of the independent industry.