Portfolio: Make Global Local: DC Education Fund | LAI Video

Make Global Local

LAI Video was proud to partner with the DC Education Fund to help promote DC Public Schools’ Study Abroad program—a new initiative that’s determined to offer ALL students a chance to travel abroad. All expenses paid! Cool, right? 

Teaching the Teachers

To help tell this incredible story and reach their ambitious goal, we proposed a definitive video that captures this experience for prospective students, parents and donors. Tapping into this year’s 8th and 11th grade trips, we invited the students themselves to help tell this story. Each travel group was equipped with a GoPro camera and a “cheat sheet.” Motionographers Tiffany and Anthony trained instructors, or Travel Ambassadors, on video storytelling techniques. They inspired them to live by our mantra: Capture everything.

A Student's Perspective

Upon return, Sarah and Jun sifted through hours of footage, selecting the best, most creative, most personal clips to help tell the bigger story. Through their eyes, we not only saw them scale ancient landmarks, like Machu Picchu or the Great Wall of China. We saw them capture smaller moments, like playing soccer with local kids or boarding a plane from the tarmac. Reviewing this footage was learning what was important to these students. This was our filter for what would speak to future students considering these trips.

Talking Heads

While the students documented their trips, Sarah, Tiffany, and Phil interviewed others in DC. These candid interviews reinforced the value of this truly unique program from the perspectives of families, DC Public Schools and the city itself. These experiences forge life-changing attitudes that makes global citizens out of local residents.

Send a Postcard!

In post-production, scriptwriter Justin brought out the emotional story of earth-shattering self-realization. Jun added the GoPro footage, and Rob laid down motion graphics that highlighted key statistics for curious parties. The final product lives on the DCPS Global Education website and is used to raise interest, generate funds and dramatically expand the program across DC’s wards.