NRF's Big Show Bumpers & Opener Videos | LAI Video

BIG Show Bumpers

LAI Video combines Leading Authorities’ sharp sense of “showography” with its mastery of “motionography” to build custom, multi-screen content and graphic scenery. For the National Retail Federation’s Big Show Convention & Expo, our team of designers whip up dozens of introduction videos and session openers that grab attendees’ attention, promote key information about the keynote speakers and raise the production value for a massive event experience.

Classic Bumpers

A short, punchy bumper video is a great way to ignite a general session. For Retail's Big Show, Rob, Tiffany, Anthony and Mike extend the year’s flourescent, text-based branding into sweeping scripts that explore a basic theme (Innovation! Disruption!!), while signaling to the audience that the show has began — and it’s going to be good. Even for the event's three secondary, "Feature" stages, this type of energy also adds a layer of professional credibility. This isn’t a boring industry trade show with slapped-on speeches. The staged presentations matter. And they’re BIG.

Introducing Intro Bumpers

For the five previous BIG Shows, we produced dozens of a speaker introduction videos that would were solid. Voice over narration overviewed each speaker’s bio and positioned them as experts on particular retail issues. But in an effort to maximize show-flow and minimize video-minutes, we invented the “intro bumper,” a loud, voiceless video that graphically roll-calls keynote speakers with a buzzy graphic treatment and fun trivia facts. The eight intro bumpers also took advantage of the year’s unique, asymmetric set. Working with the AV production company, we helped stick together five separate renderings into one massive, cohesive experience.