Portfolio: Roundtable Bumpers | LAI Video

Roundtable Bumpers

LAI Video was excited to produce a series of eye-popping, foot-tapping videos to play throughout CEO Update’s inaugural Roundtable event. Call them openers. Call them bumpers. Call them a kaleidoscope of crazy! These short vids had enough swagger and funk to elevate the executive retreat into a forward-looking and totally not-boring creative brainstorm.

Save the Bios for Reading

Designed as a cross between walk-out music and a full-blown session opener, these 15-second videos skip the traditional, biography-based speaker introduction videos and instead opt for a more visceral experience. Inspired by an experimental Red Bull commercial, Tiffany introduced the “extreme” aesthetic for CEO Update’s first Roundtable retreat. She, Dan and Anthony produced a series of eight “transition” videos to inject energy into the program while maintaining a visually cohesive show-flow.

Design by Stickers

Stickers are so hot right now. Seriously. With Apple introducing stickers for iMessage, the whole world is now expressing itself with colorful digital images. Through these bumper videos, Tiffany and co. created their own shorthand language for the Roundtable. From George Washington’s portrait to Adult Swim-inspired robots and brains, images from the videos seeped into event signage, the program, some Swell bottles and other event swag. And while this particular treatment might not work with every event, it’s important to remember that good design shouldn’t coddle attendees — it should challenge them!