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Meet The Team

LAI Video houses some of the industry's most creative, intelligent, and ruthless talent. Our team of video warriors, scoundrels, and do-gooders is trained to push the grandest of ideas into the smallest of production timelines.
  • Matthew Jones

    Matthew Jones is the president and chief executive officer at Leading Authorities Inc., one of the nation’s most prominent event design and lecture agencies, with unique capabilities in lecture representation, media and event production, and entertainment.

  • James Loizou

    Perhaps best epitomized by his signature red sneakers and tie, James Loizou thrives between the worlds of "the creative" and "the business."

  • Tori Furphy

    A mother of two and a work mother of a dozen—Tori operationalizes a perfectly rewarding client experience.

  • James Favata

    James specializes in exploring new avenues, and who knows, together you may even end up off the map.

  • Tiffany Lewis

    Tiffany's unmistakable style makes otherwise flat statistics and images burst with excitement and life.

  • Sarah Wides

    Sarah is as passionate about her love of television and video as she is about her love of sandwiches, which is to say – quite passionate.

  • Rob Kramer

    Rob Kramer is an Editor-Animator-Producer-Videographer. Wow that's a mouthful.

  • Jun Young Yang

    Jun has been traveling everywhere (including a place called Anguilla) to document special events and create unique images for clients.

  • Alexandria Kelly

    Coming to us from Hollywood, Alexandria brings a jet set, never-quit work ethic.

  • Helena Lehman

    Helena is Senior Vice President of Client Services. She also speaks five languages- about four more than the rest of us.

  • Melinda Foscato

    Melinda is a senior account director who is passionate about storytelling and connecting the dots. She's also BFFs with Rachael Ray. Jealous?

  • Susy Jordan

    Susy is an account executive and also a bit of a sales ninja with experience in a variety of industries from Florida Real Estate to the On-line Advertising arena.