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“A Teachable Moment” Documentary

LAI Video found itself in the unique position to produce a feature-length documentary that could save lives. A Teachable Moment is the product of hours of research, interviews and tedious animation — an agency-wide storytelling effort to help survivors and the general public cope with and prevent suffering from this debilitating disease.

A Call to Action

After LAI Video’s owner, Mark French, suffered a suffered a stroke in 2015, we dedicated our resources to produce a feature-length documentary that definitively describes stroke, captures its grueling aftermath and outlines preventative lifestyle choices. In an effort tell a more universal story beyond Mark’s experiences, we reached out to the American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association and MedStar Health to consult on the film. Together, we identified other survivors to make the film relatable and experts to keep the film credible. 

Casting a Real Life Story with Real Life People

After reviewing many amazing survivor stories, Tori, Favata and Loizou rounded out the cast by selecting DC lawyer Anne Dailey, family man Lee Stroy and the uninsured, self-made symbol for recovery Roderick Dunston. After a series of phone calls and preliminary interviews, production began. Favata took the helm as Director with Tori as the film’s Producer. Jun served as Director of Photography. Over the course of the next eight months, our crew would visit the featured survivors at home, at work and other places of significance. We would befriend their loved ones as we asked them to relive some of the hardest moments that any family has endured. 

Two Teleprompters, One Intimate Connection

While the medical experts and caregivers were interviewed with a traditional “off-camera” approach, the featured survivors made direct eye contact with the camera using an EyeDirect system. As they spoke to their stroke experiences and struggles with recovery, the viewer could make direct eye contact, as if these stories were being shared with them very plainly and powerfully. During these filming sessions, our ensemble also contributed to the American Stroke Association’s Together to End Stroke PSA campaign, which we also produced.

Expert Animation

While A Teachable Moment’s primary narrative rests on the four stroke survivor stories, the film is punctuated with a chorus of medical experts that illustrate the science behind stroke, available treatments and controllable risk factors. After interviewing each doctor, we storyboarded original animation to very literally bring their remarks to life. Tiffany established an art direction that was elastic in nature to be both playful and medically sound. Rob and Dan animated this “textbook” treatment and turned retro diagrams on their head, inviting a self-aware design and humor that disrupts the otherwise soulful and somber mood of the documentary. 

Always Teaching Moments

The hour-long film demanded the collective efforts of our entire team, becoming a metaphor unto itself of the extraordinary change that we can make when we all come together. After a short run on the festival circuit and a streaming window on Amazon Prime Video, the documentary is now widely available to watch on YouTube. It remains required viewing in hospital systems and businesses across the country, empowering individual viewers and communities with the knowledge that strokes are preventable, treatable and beatable. Adding to its accolades, A Teachable Moment, topped Screen Rant’s list of “Best Documentaries About Chronic Illness”.


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