IB Identity & Recruitment | LAI Video

What is IB?

A lot of people think “IB” is a credit you get in a high school. And it is! But it’s also so much more. We partnered with the International Baccalaureate to explain once and for all “What is IB?” From age-specific curriculum from three to 19 years old to its reach in 97 countries(!), we produced a branding video that shows its offerings and universal impact on the education community.

So What is IB Anyways?

The International Baccalaureate is a leader in global education, offering a continuum of programmes that challenges school-aged students to think critically, become more culturally aware, and lead meaningful lives. This curriculum is offered through certified IB World Schools, of which there are over 5,000 on the planet. Whoa! When tasked with making a promotional video that shows this, we worked with the IB to identify the right educators — and through them, the right students — to speak to the IB ethos.

Make Local Global

Working with the IB team at their Global Centre in Bethesda, Helena and Loizou prepared a plan that would use DC-area IB schools to present a very international student population. Victoria and proud IB-dad Favata conducted preliminary interviews with a diverse cast of teachers and students, learning about their favorite projects within each programme. On-site, Jun staged and directed specific shots of IB classes, which Justin seamlessly edited with a splash of b-roll from African and Asian IB schools. While the final video shares personal experiences with IB, it carefully reflects the organizations’ universal themes of curiosity, inclusivity, and academic rigor. As with all IB videos, this featurette was translated in several languages and shared widely to prospective school administrators, parents, and students. 

And While We’re Here

Looking to make the most out of the new video project, we worked closely with the IB marketing and HR teams to produce a spin-off video for their recruitment efforts. While filming IB staff at their office, we asked additional questions about the organization’s international culture, professionalism, and commitment to improving education across the globe. In many ways, the “Working for a Better World” video appropriately parallels “What is IB,” showing that IB’s staff remains committed to the same principles of collaboration and innovation that defines its school programmes.