Operation Homefront Fundraising Campaign | LAI Video


Operation Homefront needed a partner to help spread awareness, reach new donors, and promote their mission of “Serving America’s Military Families.” They wanted an authentic range of deliverables that captured the real stories and true impact behind their work. LAI Video stepped up to provide three “Military Families” PSAs, featuring young, veteran families whose lives were touched by Operation Homefront. To reach Operation Homefront’s target audience, the PSAs were cut tightly for broadcast and radio distribution, yet LAI Video ensured each spot still honored the incredible, emotional stories of our subjects. 

Built for Radio and Broadcast

Identifying the target audience of their message, LAI Video created numerous versions of Operation Homefront’s PSA to distribute on broadcast and radio. Our editors produced five videos and five audio spots of ranging length, providing Operation Homefront with flexibility when placing their PSA. Despite the tight time restrictions, LAI Video maintained the powerful, vulnerable storytelling of our subjects and identified the perfect balance of branding for each platform.

Serving and Filming Military Families

To document authentic Operation Homefront stories, LAI Video traveled to Texas and worked with veteran families on-site. We focused on providing intimate, comfortable spaces for each interviewee to share their journey from service to home safety. Our team of producers and cinematographers made sure both interviews and b-roll accurately portrayed the power of Operation Homefront’s work, the honor of our subjects, and the opportunities for donors to have a direct impact. The final product was one of most moving, and special, projects of 2023.