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Good Food For All Campaign

LAI Video was humbled to work with Partnership For a Healthier America to bolster its signature initiative. Since 2020, the Good Food For All program brings affordable, high-quality food to all communities. And as the initiative has delivered over 18 million servings of vegetables across the U.S., we embarked on a multi-faceted, storytelling campaign to tout the successes of Good Food for All, while reminding donors that the work is far from over.

Follow the Story

From the start, we knew that this would be a documentary-style campaign, as Melinda and Loizou explored the possibilities of capturing stories in New Orleans, Lincoln, and Detroit — cities where the Good Food For All initiative thrived and began to close the gross food inequities exposed by the pandemic. In pre-production, Alexandria and Favata worked with PHA to identify the right local partners that depicted PHAs vast yet hyper-local infrastructure. We also conducted preliminary interviews with a short list of program participants to select the most diverse stories that best resonated with viewers.  

Show Don’t Tell (or Put on Social Media)

On-site, Favata, Jun, and Alexandria filmed our subjects inside their homes, eliciting their moving accounts while reenacting the joy of receiving a box full of fresh produce. Throughout filming, we strived to collect the most personal stories, while allowing PHA and its partners to provide context around the concepts of food equity and nutrition security. And despite a cast of powerful on-camera participants, we knew that some critical information would translate better in a different media. Looking to arm PHAs social media accounts with supporting collateral, we designed a parallel strategy for Instagram. From memorable quotes to striking statistics (how many servings of carrots has GFFA provided??), Tiffany and Rob developed two dozens posts that celebrate the programs most breathtaking milestones. 

A Cut Above the Rest

In post-production, Rachael put together a heart-warming, short film that transports viewers across the country to connect with our storys families. Working with the same content, we also produced a 60 second branding video for GFFA, that quickly defines food equity” and overviews Good Food For Alls ambitious mission. That shorter video, along with other cutdowns, also doubles as a trailer for the seven+ minute documentary, which debuted at PHAs 2022 Food Equity Summit prior to a conversation with former First Lady and PHA Honorary Chair, Michelle Obama. Whether playing to captive viewers or targeting specific audiences, weve cut various versions of these remarkable stories to best promote PHAs never-ending work.