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Everything You Need to Know About Digital Advertising

Everything you need to know about Digital Advertising

In today's online world, digital advertising can be overwhelming, and implementing a successful digital strategy can be daunting. However, your audiences are more distracted than ever, and digital ad placement helps you meet your consumers where they are. In this blog post, we'll break down the benefits of digital advertising, teach you the basics, and show why our ad services can be simple, accessible, and successful for you. 

Why should I use digital advertising?

What does a digital ad campaign look (or sound) like?

How do I start a digital advertising campaign?

Why should I use Digital Advertising?

There's plenty of answers to that question, so let's walk through the main benefits of this incredible service. The next few paragraphs outline why digital advertising has the advantage over other distribution tactics. 

1. Targeted Precision 

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, such as print or TV ads, digital advertising allows businesses to tailor their messages based on various demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. This pinpoint accuracy ensures that your marketing reaches the right people, increasing conversions and reducing wasted ad spend. Even if you’re unsure of your audience, LAI Video can help your organization better understand your consumers and the content they respond best to.

2. Measurable Results

Digital advertising offers something that traditional methods often lack: real-time, actionable data. Businesses can measure the success of their campaigns with incredible specificity through metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI). If you invest in digital ad placement, our client-experience team will process every statistic, make proper adjustments, and optimize your strategy for maximum impact.

3. Cost-Effective Options

There’s no cost barrier to digital advertising. It’s accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets. With options based on locality and frequency, you can flexibly allocate your budgets and maximize your marketing ROI. At LAI Video, we take this accessibility to heart, structuring our ad campaigns around your goals and bandwidth. 

4. Enhanced Creativity

Digital ads allow you to experiment with creativity like never before. Your brand can use text ads, display ads, video ads, and interactive content to build cohesive campaigns and move your audience to action. While each format has its specialties, digital ad campaigns unify your brand image and voice. You can engage consumers on podcasts, websites, streaming services, and anywhere you dream. 

5. Adaptability and Real-Time Optimization

Online, change is constant. We’ve all witnessed platforms, algorithms, and consumer preferences evolve rapidly over the years. However, digital advertising is built for this chaotic environment. You can modify your campaigns on the fly to respond to shifting markets or consumer sentiment. If you’re too busy to double-check, the LAI Video team will offer consistent insight and identify the right tweaks for you to stay effective.


What does a digital ad campaign look (or sound) like?

Digital advertising takes many forms and appears across the internet. Depending on your brand image and voice, you can promote exciting, explosive animations or opt for simple, compelling audio. If you work with LAI Video, our creatives will help you determine the exact format, tone, and placement that fits your organization. For now, however, here are the most common styles of digital advertising. 

Display Advertising 

Display ads reach your best potential customers while they browse. Placed on high-quality and relevant websites, your message will appear when your consumers are most likely to act. LAI Video’s advertising services deploy advanced geographic, demographic, and behavioral strategies to help your campaign succeed, and we’ll provide 100% transparent reporting to verify its performance. 

Geofencing & Geotargeting 

When consumers are near your business, event, or other key point of interest, geofencing will show your ad on their mobile devices. While geofencing only targets consumers actively in a current area, geotargeting delivers ads to consumers who previously engaged in a specific location. This re-targeting is very effective, and location-based data is responsible for 93% of sales.

Video Advertising

Sophisticated and stylistic, video advertising appears on brand-enhancing websites like YouTube. These pre-roll ads are often highly engaging and trustworthy, with 55% of consumers using video to make purchasing decisions. LAI Video specializes in making and placing high impact video ads, measurably strengthening your brand awareness. 

OTT + CTV (Streaming) Advertising

OTT (over-the-top) ads are 15- to 30-second video commercials delivered to computers, phones, tablets and TVs. CTV ads (a form of OTT) exclusively appear on TV-sized devices. These ads play before, during and after premium video content like streaming shows and movies. OTT ads are powerful because the average consumer subscribes to four streaming services and spends 67 minutes watching subscription content. Your ad will be highly visible and, therefore, highly effective. 

Audio-Streaming Ads

Streaming audio helps you spread your message and build branded awareness through digital radio and pure-play streaming channels. The average consumer’s time spent on digital audio has grown each year since 2018, and podcasts are more prevalent than ever. This combination means audio ad placement is a great market for simpler production, yet stronger advertising. 


How do I start a digital advertising campaign?

It’s simple. All you need is a goal, a budget, and a partner like LAI Video. From producing your creative to targeting your audience, we’ll cover all aspects of your campaign. Even if you’re unsure of your objectives and desired spend, our team will provide guidance and reference points so you can make an informed decision.

Whether you’re hooked on digital advertising or still considering options, reach out to LAI Video for a consultation! We understand digital advertising can be intimidating, so here are some questions to organize your thoughts and prepare for a successful partnership. 

1. "Who do I want to talk to?"

Are you talking to buyers, donors, or community leaders? What do they care about most? If you picture your audience, how do they think, talk, and act? These are just guiding demographic ideas that LAI Video will develop. Any and all perspective will lead us closer to your perfect audience!  

2. "How do I measure success?"

Is it just the money that’s important? Or does awareness matter, too? Do you need votes on an upcoming ballot? Or applicants for full-time careers? Our team needs to know what matters most in order to keep your campaign on track. 

3. "What is my timeline?"

How soon do I expect success? Am I flexible with testing strategies if consumer sentiment shifts? Do I want a sustainable or short-term partnership? Digital advertising is often measured in months. The further our team can look ahead, the better we can secure success. 


To Sum It All Up

Digital advertising has grown fast, and it’s grown intimidating. However, it simply works. No matter your goals, there are endless benefits when you advertise with LAI Video. The outline above is only a snapshot of the many capabilities at your fingertips when you partner with our team. If you’re curious, we’re happy to guide your organization through budgeting, strategy, and creative that fits your needs. Reach out using this form to start a conversation and take your first step into digital distribution. 

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