When you want to make an impression on event attendees, you have to be brief, and you have to be BIG. We’re talking about the big screen effect, where we create incredibly immersive experiences to make your event unforgettable. 

Take “The Sphere” for example, which has finally descended in Las Vegas. It's a $2.3 billion entertainment venue, and it can only described be it as a massive, immersive, smart screen that can be seen from space. The inside? Just as impressive, immersive, and exciting. Now, if we had to guess, we'd say this is just the beginning.

The trend toward highly mediated experiences is already spilling into corporate meetings. It’s an utter rebuttal to the “COVID of it all.” Virtual conferences had their time and place, and they're sticking around for convenient education, certification, and instructional content. However if you're like us (making plans for in-person experiences) you have to go BIG.

Like many of our partners, our friends at the National Retail Federation (NRF) know the importance of this investment. Their annual conference is literally called “Retail's Big Show,” and the event reflects the name. We work with NRF to ensure their general sessions take full advantage of big, custom, multi-screen sets. We create incredible audio-visual experiences that compel attendees to take out their phones and share what they see. We make BIG experiences that make your event unlike any other. 

Our events team at LAI Live has been documenting this trend away from physical sets to digital ones for a while. Every year, it feels like more and more of our set pieces are simply LED screens. Venues are even building impressive outdoor signage that takes the event experience out of the venue and into the world. When we're building these custom sets and experiences, we may not have sphere money, but we do have partners who know how to make an impression, who want to go BIG.

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