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Four Video Tips for Your Next Event

Four Video Tips For Your Next Event

Have you ever wished that you could bottle up the ambiance of your live event? Capturing the essence of an event is best done with video, blending technical finesse and genuine emotional connection. Assuming you've already mastered the event video production basics (like a two-camera setup to film both the main stage speaker and the attendee experience simultaneously), this blog offers four game-changing techniques that will crystallize the spirit of your event through video.

1. Bid Farewell to time-consuming Testimonials

Now, you might be thinking, "What? Attendee testimonials are the cornerstone of my video!" And you're right, they absolutely are. But allow me to clarify: don't squander your time. Chances are, you have a clear vision of the testimonials you need and specific individuals in mind. Here are a couple of examples:

  • A C-level executive from a recognizable company who's attended past events: "As a C-level executive at [Recognizable Company], time is my most valuable asset. I gravitate toward experiences that not only enrich my industry insights but also provide unparalleled networking opportunities. [Event Name] delivers on both fronts, seamlessly merging cutting-edge discussions with unparalleled access to industry leaders."
  • A first-time young attendee: "Stepping into the industry as a young professional, I brimmed with excitement and uncertainty. [Event Name] ignited a passion within me to chase excellence and embrace a myriad of opportunities that our field offers. I'm already counting down to next year's gathering!"

Once you've outlined your ideal testimonials, collaborate with your registration team to schedule testimonial interviews during the event, aligning with attendees' availability and your preferred highlights. Early interviews can focus on expectations, while post-session or post-breakout recaps capture immediate impressions. This approach will yield the results you’re looking for without wasting time.

2. Capture Excitement & Create FOMO

As your attendees explore and navigate the event space, you want to capture the energy that drives your conference, meeting, or gathering. Your video production team should incorporate stabilized camera footage that moves throughout the entire event, ensnaring viewers with the bustling movement and eye-grabbing activations will ensnare your viewers. You could even consider time-lapse shots your event's scale to create a sense of FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out) among attendees who missed this year's registration. Check out our footage from the NRF’s Big Show at New York City’s Javits Center. Employing a Hyperlapse technique, we captured striking, stabilized time-lapse shots that cover the sprawling event space, capturing the heart of their event and driving registrations for 2024. 

3. Identify How & Why Attendees Register

First, address the "why." If networking is a major draw, then spotlight networking moments — hugs, handshakes, exchanging business cards, conversations in various settings. If attendees are enticed by the event's tropical locale, ensure your video has its fair share of destination footage!

(Pro Tip: If the camera misses an unplanned heartwarming moment like a spontaneous hug, don't hesitate to ask for a reenactment! Such moments often become even more memorable with a second take and are usually accompanied by genuine laughter.)

Once you've addressed the "why," focus on the "how." If an attendees' employer foots the event expenses, tailor your message to the employer and their needs. This might lead to diverse video edits catered to distinct audience segments, but the right message is essential. Take a peek at this video highlighting the "Festival of Hope" in Chicago with the International Baccalaureate (IB). For this event, student discussions and Q&As were centric to school participation. It added an extra technical challenge, but we were able to immerse viewers in conversations alongside event attendees, providing a rarely seen up-close experience.

4. Unveil your Event's Theme

I'm not referring to clichéd event taglines; I’m asking what's front and center in your attendees' minds. Sometimes, you reinforce themes through programming, while at other times, industry or global circumstances cast a significant shadow on your event content. By aligning your video with major industry trends, your organization positions itself as a reputable source for pertinent discussion. Check out the motifs around disruption and innovation in this event recap:

Bear the above video in mind when viewing the following video. The previous video for NRF featured an event with a large audience. Reflecting on element 3, "Identify How & Why Attendees Register," the subsequent video showcases a more intimate setting, honing in on a select group of high-profile attendees.

Equipped with these newfound strategies, you’re ready to capture the very essence of your event. If any of our insights strike you, don't hesitate to reach out and share! Also, if you're contemplating ways to elevate your event video production, give us a call! Let's brainstorm how we can collaborate and immortalize your next event in all its splendor.

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