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Three ways to boost event registration

Three ways to boost event event registration using video

How do you get attendees from their computers to your chairs? How do you make potential audiences say, “I want to go there?”

Of course, we’re talking about event promotional videos, which, at heart, are really specialized commercials. They’re ads that are so good, they make you want to do things like registering for corporate meetings.

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When it comes to this particular kind of promo, we have a few tried-and-true methods for your consideration. 

1. Create FOMO, wholesomely

At LAI Video, we like to call this the “I want to go to there” effect. It’s that fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) but with less real anxiety. We’ll help you create an irresistible snapshot of your event that will leave viewers saying, “I want to go to there” or “I want to be there.” To do that, we’re going to lean into your event’s most prominent, most unique elements, the agenda items that only your event has to offer. For Farm Credit Council’s Fly-In, this was a farmer’s market outside the U.S. Capitol. For Infectious Disease Society of America’s (IDSA) IDWeek, this was a dance off with the Washington Nationals' Presidents. Whatever it is, we’ll find it and make people say, “I want to go to there.”

2. Find your influencers

Influencers come in many forms, from keynote speakers to well-spoken attendees. By recording their testimonials, you can take an “you don’t have to take my word for it” approach. LAI Video will capture folks saying quotes like, “Dude, you have to go to [enter your event]. It’s going to be awesome!” Also, if you’re keynote speaker is willing, get them to record a little teaser to get people excited about the event. 

3. Make it about more than just attendance

This doesn’t apply to all meetings, but if your event is tied to a bigger mission like saving the planet, appeal to that sense of purpose. This can be particularly effective with younger audiences. For the International Baccalaureate’s Festival of Hope, we cut something together that resembles a movie trailer more than an event promo. We’re not talking about convention tchotchkes or getting Dole Whip in Orlando. We’re talking about making the world a better place with your audience’s help. 

However, we also need your help. Let us know if any of these tactics can work for you. Because if we can create a world with smarter, more earnest online ads, well, we want to go to there. 

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