How I stopped worrying and learned to love AI | LAI Video

How I stopped worrying and learned to love AI

Stop worrying & learn to love AI

AI is affecting every industry, and video is no exception.

Just like others, LAI Video has been exploring AI’s capabilities since the beginning, finding ways to use this technology as its intended—as a tool. While our videos are always hand-crafted and custom, here are 4 ways that LAI Video uses AI to make our process faster, less expensive, and more collaborative.


1. Scriptwriting

The Oscar goes to...ChatGPT?

It only took a month for AI Text Generators to go from jaw-dropping to just another part of daily life. ChatGPT is a tremendous tool for experimenting with different narratives and arriving at unexpected ideas, but it also requires a bit of fact-checking, rewriting, and finesse to perfect your copy. So, before you hire ChatGPT as your next video scriptwriter, talk to us on how to best deploy this tool to work within your project's goals, brand, and budget (and avoid sounding like a robot!). 


2. Visuals

Build out a look, together

What do you want your graphics to look like? What about the lighting? Or the set? Using image generation tools like Midjourney or DALL-E, LAI Video can create and fine tune the aesthetic of your video in real time. While these pre-visualizations never make the final draft, they help our creative team efficiently achieve your vision. Schedule a meeting and we’ll talk you through what’s possible.


3. Repairing

Bring new life to old video

AI can turn outdated assets into professional-grade content. With new features (and words) like ‘uncropping’ and ‘outpainting,’ AI magic has expanded the definition of ‘usable.’ Also, these tools are now appearing in industry-standard apps like Adobe Photoshop, streamlining the integration process altogether. So, even if a complete do-over is out of reach, LAI Video can help you keep old projects up to date.


4. New perspectives

It might take a robot to be in someone else's shoes

You know, a stereotype about robots is that they’re unfeeling, but ChatGPT is actually quite sensitive to other’s needs. AI tools are great at researching target audiences, evaluating competition, and identifying your niche in the marketplace. It takes patience and programming, but if you’re struggling with messaging, LAI Video and our AI friends know who to talk to.


The AI industry is just beginning to bloom, and while the advancements are notable, the concerns are too. LAI Video closely follows developments in AI technology and participates in dialogues throughout the creative landscape. While some of these tools promise nothing short of magic, we understand the very real debates around copyright infringement and authenticity. If you’re curious how AI can influence your next project, reach out and let’s explore innovation, together.


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